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International Escort in Zurich, Switzerland

I can't be in every international city all the time, and especially now with international travel restrictions putting a halt on holiday travel worldwide, but I can introduce you to my preferred luxury companions, and upscale international escorts that travel internationally, and will treat you to an exceptional experience.

Meet Gabrielle. She is an Austrian beauty. Gabrielle speaks English, Swiss & French fluently. She is a dual passport holder, and can travel freely between Singapore and Europe.

Gabrielle is my 'partner in passion'. I know her intimately, and if you know me, I am confident in saying, there will be no disappointment in spending quality time with Gabrielle whether it be dining arrangements or travel plans.

If you are interested in meeting Gabrielle in Zurich, Singapore or worldwide, please refer to the global fees page before using the contact form here. I personally reply to all emails received, and can respond to any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!

Rene xx


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