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The Joy of Natural Sex

'Do you offer natural sex?'

The question regarding natural sex is becoming a daily request, and honestly I don't understand why. Why would any decent man, professional sex worker (or anybody really) participate in natural sex with someone they don't even know?

Of course I wasn't born yesterday, and I have been in a committed relationship that shared that level of deep intimacy. However, I wouldn't consider it for any amount of money in a professional relationship for a multitude of reasons, and I know I am not alone when I say that. I'll outline a few of the obvious reasons why it's not a common or respected practice in the sex industry.

Having unprotected sex can put you, or your sexual partners (and for many this partner may be their wife) at risk of catching STIs. STIs spread by having sex with an infected partner. Even if the other partner is tested for STIs, it is not 100% guarantee as early testing can miss some early infections. Some STIs can sit dormant and go unnoticed for a period of time, and left untreated can cause serious illness and have long term impacts on your health (including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and infertility in men and women.

Fun fact: Did you know Al Capone died from a syphilis infection?

For more kicks, unprotected sex can result in pregnancy, and 'pulling out' isn't the answer. Even though there is a thing called the 'contraception pill' or the new pill called 'PEP' available, they don't always provide complete protection from unwanted pregnancies (or STIs). I don't know about you, but do you really want another child, or risk being blackmailed over a pregnancy (yes, it happens), or need to take time off work to terminate a child of an unknown sperm donor, or god forbid, give birth to a clients child?

If you haven't yet heard of PEP, I'd like to share some detail about those that use it as a form of protection, and why? PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis, it's a short course of HIV medicines that is taken very soon after a possible exposure to HIV to prevent the virus from taking hold in your body. PEP is prescribed to those ALREADY INFECTED, or those in with a confirmed high risk. It does not protect against STIs. If you are seeing a lady that uses PEP, I recommend seeing your doctor and or visiting this link for more details;

You are not as safe as you think - by pushing for natural sex, you're putting yourself, and others in high risk of a multitude of issues when participating in unprotected sex. Some of these are for life!

Another fun fact; there are certain legal implications associated with engaging natural sex services for both the client and sex worker that you should be aware of. Depending on the laws in your state or country, engaging in certain sexual activities may be illegal and can result in criminal charges, and in some cases jail. There has been a few recorded cases with sex workers being charged and jailed over transmitting HIV to their clients... google it!

There is no guarantee that the one you chose to have natural sex services with is regularly checked and cleared of STIs, and some STI results are not instant. Most symptoms are slow to show and or undetectable. To name a few treaties, you could be catching (or sharing) herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, gonorrhea, mycoplasma genitalium, hepatitis A,B&C, and HIV, which as you know is for life! These STIs can go from genitals to anus to mouth, all by transferring body fluids, which you would most certainly getting your fair share of is you are engaging in NATURAL SEX with a sex worker who sees many clients in any given day, week or month...

If not for your own self, these reasons should be reason enough to want too always practice safe sex and take all necessary precautions when engaging in sexual services with a sex worker. There are many options available (such as CONDOMS) there to protect us all from potential risks associated with having natural sex, and I can assure you they don't restrict the fun!

So to your question, NO, I don't condone natural sex, and like other professional sex workers, will never offer unprotected sex as a part of my service. However, I do provide a range of erotic services to help you relax and explore your desires. Whether it's a sensual massage, body-to-body slides or an intimate encounter, I am more than certain I can provide you with all the pleasure you seek.

There is no sane reason why anybody would put so much as risk for a few extra dollars or for a few minutes of pleasure, but I know of many (surprise, surprise) that do! As for clients that are requesting unprotected sex, ladies do share information in regards to who is prepared to put our safety at risk, and as for the ladies that do offer unprotected sex for whatever stupid reason they think its ok to do so, there is a name and shame platform, which usually is the mouth of the client that paid you the few extra bucks to get there.

A last thought, to both the professionals and the connoisseurs of professionals, respect yourself and your self worth. Do a few moments pleasure really outweigh the risks?? It isn't worth it, and definitely not worth the jeopardizing of your safety. You deserve more than what a few extra bucks are offering you.

So be smart, stay safe and always set boundaries that will protect your well-being! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this has been helpful.


If you like my blogs, please share them! Any support to help protect us you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Looking for more details, here are a few great links:


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