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Meet me in Victoria

The weather is getting better in Melbourne and the social dating options with what to do are opening up. Exciting!!

We can start to plan ahead, and make a social date in Melbourne to spend some quality time together, and if you are out of ideas to make our time together something special, then get in touch with me because I am always full of fun & romantic couples ideas.

We can share a picnic together.

I will bring a specially prepared basket with all the goodies you could dream of, and you bring the wine. We can make a real social date of it, and enjoy an afternoon, or catch a sunset together. Our social date doesn't have to end there. We can return to your place or mine and unwind in front of the open fire, or roll around on the couch and watch movies until we cant stay awake any longer, and fall asleep together.

Maybe you would like to step it up. We could explore the bay in a comfortable cruiser. Enjoy a sunset, make love, even catch fish if you feel up to fishing.

There are a few skippered boats we can choose from, leading up to a weekend on a 60ft cabin cruiser. The options go as far as your budget will allow.

For gentlemen in Regional Victoria, the good news is, I can come to you. We can create a social date to remember and finish it like lovers.

Being a good country girl at heart, with a family property just outside of Kyneton, its not unusual to find me in The Macedon Ranges, Bendigo, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs or in Wood End.

I would be more than happy to bring a picnic basket, or jump on one of your horses and find a spot to relax by a creek, or check into a country day spa.

Of course for the city slickers, all is not forgotten. We have a choice of hotels and room service. We dont need to go to fancy restaurants, although that would be nice. Those fancy restaurants can come to us.

The options are endless for social dating and intimate dating in Melbourne, Victoria.

What ever you decide on, or would like to do, lets make it happen.

Please call me during social hours on (+61) 0433224499 and lets take it from there.

Great moments shared often dont just happen, they take planning, and I like to plan, that way I can ensure we spend every minute together in perfect harmony, feeling like we have known each other for a lifetime, and enjoyed each others company even more.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon,

Rene x


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