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Lady Rene

Welcome, my friend. You are indeed fortunate today. You have been invited into the opulent, rarefied, and sensuous boudoir of the beautiful and elegant Lady Rene. But please do not describe her as a courtesan. My friend, not just a courtesan. No, but a Cortigiane Oneste. You wonder what I proclaim my friend?

You see, Lady Rene is beyond anything you have ever experienced with a woman whether it was spiritually, intellectually, and physically. She is unlike any woman you have ever met, ever loved, ever touched, ever conversed with. What you will experience with Lady Rene is an exquisite gift of pleasure and the most sensual companion you have ever met. As if her graciousness has been delivered from the heavens. Your senses will be stimulated, be massaged, be soothed, loved, and be heightened. Your mind will be dazzled, educated, and entertained. You will learn many things my friend. You will sadly part from her, but you will be forever transformed. All you can do is return again and again because there is much you can learn from Lady Rene.

I do not hesitate to announce that my friend. I do not exaggerate to distract you. Lady Rene is an experience that is best described as beyond this modern vulgar world. Maybe she is from another time. From a more genteel and aristocratic time. Perhaps from the courts of Venice, of France or Austria. She is ethereal. A woman like no other.

Yes, I do admit I have drunk deeply of her charms, her intelligence, and her beauty. Her array of pleasures she can bestow upon you is unlike anything I have experienced. It was both intoxicating and enthralling. Forever, I was changed. Of course, I was a better lover but more aware of the world around me. I do not want to give away too much. I may have already. Forgive me.

Please sit. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the fine wine and appetizers. For I must depart. It is for you to now await my Lady Rene. Of course, you will await her entry with nervous anticipation. However, your anxieties will evaporate when you glimpse her. Relax as she leads you into her sensuous, mesmerizing web.

When you hear her seductive voice and reach delicately to touch her lustrous skin you are transformed. This wondrous goddess is yours but most importantly, she is yours.


Sir Thomas de Bauched



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