Singapore Private Escort 

I enjoy every part of visiting Singapore. From the chefs hats restaurants, the spectacular views from Marina Bay, the tropical climate, but most of all, the beautiful people I meet there.

The things we could do in Singapore with you could include dinner and drinks, or perhaps we could see a show or spend the afternoon enjoying the views from Marina Bay. Of course we would could spend the afternoon spending some very intimate time together.. I am great company no matter what we do :-)

For couples, or those of you with a sexy lady friend, I'd love to be your first threesome, or your next if you are a regular threesome addict. For the ladies, I am very bisexual, so please don't be shy to reach over and kiss me because I will certainly do that to you.

I am more than happy to jump on a plane to join you with reasonable notice. I reside in Asia and can usually be in Singapore in under 6 hours, pending flights. (contact me here for more info)

When in Singapore;

Minimum | $1000 1hr, daytimes only            

Lunch Date | $3500 3-4 hrs, (12 - 4pm)

Dinner Date | $4000 4-5 hrs, (7pm onwards)

Breakfast in Bed $5000, 12hrs (includes sleep)

Couples $2400 2 hrs | $4000 4-5 hrs, including social time

I fly exclusively. I am not a high turnover lady 

Deposit by bank transfer is required

To make arrangements, please choose email

or CLICK HERE to use my contact form.

I look forward to meeting you during your visit, and mine.

Rene xo