About Me .. Continued

My voice is soft and feminine. I am 40 years young and naturally youthful in appearance without cosmetic enhancements. I am tall, feminine, and beautifully proportioned. I have a year round natural soft tan (with bikini lines) and maintain a bikini body with regular exercise and healthy diet  habits. I enjoy daily walks along the beach and lots of bedroom yoga.

I don't smoke, ever, and I am a light drinker. I don't participate in party activities, or wish to spend time with those that do.

For single ladies (and couples) exploring their bisexuality, I am a gentle and passionate lover. I will treat you to a genuine romantic seduction, and take you out and show you off with pride. I am very openly bisexual and comfortable in my skin to be able to be intimate without boundaries and expectations.

Many of my engagements include lazy lunches, stretched out dinners, social and business events as well as discrete midweek getaways. I will create the 'us' no matter how long or shorter time we spend together.

I am not you usual 'touring escort'. I travel frequently between cities and countries. It is not unusual for me to visit 3 countries in a week, or to find my on a massage lounge under a palm tree for few days here and there.. of course you can always join me ;-) I have some super exclusive holiday packages for single gents and single ladies looking for a reason to escape - ask me, oh, you will be pleasantly surprised at not only meeting me, but my fees too!

I could go on and on and on, but I would prefer that you made contact with me. My website offers a members photo gallery, a newsletter and subscriber list, so please subscribe if you are interested in staying up to date with my travels, tours and special offers. 

I really look forward to meeting you, and staying in touch!
Let's make it soon!

Rene xo