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Rene, High class melbourne escort and escort blogs

International Fees - click here for Australian Fees

Just because we are not in the same city, it doesn't mean we can't meet.

My international travel packages are simply explained. Please note, international escort fees are shown in $USD

Australia | Please Click Here

Worldwide Destinations (2-4 day min, excluding travel time)

Asia | $10,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

NZ | $10,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

India | $15,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

UK | $20,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

Europe | $20,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

UAE | $20,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

USA | $20,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

Africa | $25,000 USD | 3 day/2 night min

Travel Expenses | Add 20%

Accommodation | Add 10%

Extra Days | 25%

A booking fee is required at the time of confirmation, prior to flights being booked. The balance preferably no less than 48 hours prior to arrival.

Booking Fee 50% | Balance 48hrs prior to departure

In most instances, I can be on plane in under 72 hours (once monies are cleared). Countries requiring a visa, may delay departure/arrival dates, so please take that into account when making arrangements to meet me.

FYI: I travel on an Australian passport

If you prefer to manage my travel, I have a preferred travel agent.

Screening is required!


To make arrangements, please choose email

or CLICK HERE to use my contact form.


For currency conversions, visit

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