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I've Got a Travel Bug

If you are following my social media, you will know I have been spoilt with a luxury holiday in the Caribbean.

One of the hightlights were 5 nights in beautiful Negril, Jamaica at an adults only resort called Hedonism 11. It was certainly an eye opener even for me, but what I really loved was the liberation of being nude on the beach. 

Going to the beach is one thing, but to walk, relax and swim completely nude is something else. Surprisingly, nobody there seems interested in looking at other people! My biggest fear was being stared at, but that never happened, or if it did, it wasn't so obvious to be intimidating. I loved it!

From there, I spent a few days in Montego Bay. I had no idea of the history in Jamaica until I visited. I loved it. I can't wait to go back already.

The Caribbean is built up of so many islands. The initial plan was to visit 9 of them, but time slipped away and we managed only a few. 

Turks and Caicos was stunning. More of a family resort island rather than a romantic escape for 2, but I loved it all the same. 

Trinidad and Tobago was a treat. Unfortunately I was a few weeks too early for Carnivale, but the vibe was definately in the air!

Martinique and Guadelope had a french influence, and the beaches were divine! My time there was really brief, actually only 1 night on each island but enough to give me a yearning to return in June.

Anguilla is an old favorite of mine, although not fully recovered from a massive hurricane some time back, its very much has a place my heart. The beaches, the food,  and the people are all so lovely!

I'm lapping up my last day of blue Caribbean sea before flying back to Jamaica enroute to Toronto, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Saigon and Bangkok!!

If you are in any if those cities, now is the time to  contact me , as making last minute plans is never an option when meeting me, especially when my travel is so hectic!

From the last week of February, I will be flying virtually non stop, and can honestly say, by the time I get back to Bangkok at the end of March, I would have done 1 complete lap of the world in under 6 weeks!!

If I have missed you in the Caribbean, I will be doing another lap of the world in May to mid July. I will be going through Europe, to the USA, back to the Caribbean (contact me in advance if you fancy a nude escape) and finishing that lap on a cruise back through Spain and somehow making it to Capetown before returning to Asia.

Australia, I am sorry, I miss you again and probably wont be back until I land in Brisbane Feb 2020 for a scheduled visit.

When contacting me, please choose to use my contact form  on my website, or of course use the meeting request options to contact me. My direct email is allow up to 48hrs for a personal reply.

My whatsapp +6585994690 runs on auto reply now as there are too many stupid inquiries for me to bother replying individually BUT once I have added your number, whatsapp will work painlessly between us. Skype is also an option, but never by video call!

I have added a few happy snaps here, that I hope you like! I really should get my snapchat going so you can catch them more frequently there, but until then.... 

Stay in touch! 

Rene Joile x

* I am independent, and not agent managed. Occasionally I may use an assistant to manage my schedule, but I stress 'occasionally'. Any details shared between us, remain between us. I guarantee complete discretion, and I also guarantee that my photos are accurate, current and not photoshopped to impress anybody. 

My safety is important to me and my availabilty to meet you anywhere in the world is by choice, not by force. In other words, I am not a victim of human traficking. See you soon! Rene x 

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