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Tokyo Private Escort - by appointment

I love Japan, Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama!

So much vibrancy, culture and the food!! How I love Japanese food!

I don't regularly offer international escort services in Japan, but do infrequently visit as per exclusive invitation. Preference of course given to Tokyo.

I invite those seeking an upmarket companion for both social and intimate meetings. I am experienced in many types of role play, and fetishes.

For couples, or those of you with a sexy lady friend, I'd love to be your first threesome, or your next if you are a regular threesome addict. For the ladies, I am very bisexual, so please don't be shy to reach over and kiss me because I will certainly do that to you.

You will note my fees are more than likely higher than many ladies that visit Japan, this is because my FEES ARE GLOBAL and only fluctuate to suit the nearest dollar rather than the general average.

My minimum fee for Japan is $4500US

This DOES NOT include my travel and accommodation.

To make arrangements, please choose email

or CLICK HERE to use my contact form.

Should I not be in Japan, Tokyo or Osaka at the time of your inquiry, please discuss with me flight and travel arrangements. I am  happy to fly to join you.

I look forward to meeting you.

 Rene xo

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