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Dating in Melbourne

Are you ready to start dating in Melbourne again? Are you ready to enjoy delightful company, a nice meal, a glass of wine or a craft beer, with a few hours of fun and laughter?

Me too! Look at what dating me will look like.

Setting the scene:

It's early afternoon, and you arrive showered and excited at my luxuriously furnished city apartment with sweeping views from the bay to the city. I open the door dressed in a chic black dress, high heels, and welcome you with a warm smile and soft lips.

I invite you in, remove your coat, and lead you to the plush sofa, you immediately relax. I prepare a welcome drink and sit beside you, and we catch up on what we have missed since the last time we saw each other.

On the table is a selection of nibbles, fresh flowers and a slow burning scented candle unsuccessfully hiding the smell of a delicious meal slowly cooking in the kitchen.

Your tummy rumbles. I show you the delicious menu, 3 courses, just cooked and prepared just for the both of us. We sit down and enjoy a meal, with playful chat and play, then enjoy each others company until it's time to go.

But what happens if you don't want to leave, of course you can stay. We shower together, sleep together and wake together.

In the mornings, I wake early and love to roll in for a snuggle before getting up to put the coffee on and prepare a fresh, gourmet breakfast, starting with natural yoghurt and fruits, followed by a hot breakfast of farm eggs, poached, on freshly cut, buttered toast, thick bacon, field mushrooms and wilted spinach, with freshly made juice.

The day can continue with a walk in the sunshine along the yarra or around the lake. Melbourne has some beautiful walking spots for couples to enjoy a few hours of nature.

Country Victoria has many more beautiful places that I am more than happy to share with you. Let's plan an afternoon that could lead into a weekend of romance and pleasure.

Please contact me by email or call me on 0433224499 to discuss options soon.

Rene x

1 Comment

Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell
Sep 07, 2020

Sounds wonderful.

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