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Hi, a little 'housework' blog!


Thank you firstly to my subscribers, new and old ones, and a huge welcome to my website visitors. I am sorry, my newsletters are few and far between, but now I have added a blog to my site, hopefully that will change a little.

My reasons for the addition of the blog are many.

Firstly, to be able to update my travels, and keep you in the loop with where I am, where I am going, or where we can meet (super important details), and, then to update you with my new and fancy methods of contact.

As most of you know, I am on WhatsApp on +65 8590 4690. I can also be found on Viber with the same number AND if you save my number and use Telegram, you will find me there (or as @ReneJoile). I think I have all that covered.

The next big issue that seems to be a worry among a few is email security. As you know I am very contactable here, at and I am a little bit slower at responding to emails, so if you are impatient, use an ap, and be patient, haha!

I have a little file with a stack of sim cards with every country I visit. I do not leave my phone on active when travelling, as roaming costs are extreme as you would know. I have about 8 numbers, 1 for every country I visit, so I turn them off. They will only go one when I am in the related country, and only once I have asked you to call to confirm details of our date.

REALLY IMPORTANT INFO: If you are contacting me, or we are in the midst of conversation (a day either way or something) and for some reason you want me urgently, please DO NOT message me on multiple aps or email addresses, because ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME.

All the aps are on the same phone, so messaging on multiple won't get you any more attention, in fact, it will get you less, because I will be so annoyed I will block you.

Speaking of etiquette....please have some, manners inclusive!

Please be polite and address me as a human when you are contacting me. I may be an escort, a mere sex worker travelling the world, but I am very human, and I respond well to people being nice. There is no way you would take any notice of a client of yours if they just grunted one syllable words at you, one at a time

Have some smarts and introduce yourself if you have a name (which most of us do unless your name is Prince, but that's impossible, because he is dead), in your inquiry, please let me know which city and country you are in. Some weeks I can be in 4 countries, and as much as it pains me to tell you, I can't be in them all at the same time. This is another really important pointer, especially if you want me to reply with my availability.

Do's and don't s: Don't get pushy demanding photos. I don't send them. Why? Because I have a website, I have a few actually, and they ALL have photos on them. You can google me if you want more, and you can search for me on YouTube. There are pictures everywhere. I don't need to send them.

I will NOT send you my face. It should be obvious why it isn't plastered everywhere (and it's not because I am ugly). Discretion for both of us is paramount. The last thing I want to see happen is you and I out dining, and you introduce me to a colleague and he recognises me and or cute little 'old friend of a neighbour' story goes to total shit.

The next reason is for my own personal safety. Who are you to ask me for a face photo when you don't even want to tell me your real name. Besides that you could be anybody. A stalker (yes, I have had a few in my time), a relative or the authorities... No thank you. I will pass on your money. My safety and discretion is worth a lot more than that.

If you are in a country, like Dubai or India, and you are blocked from viewing images, I have it covered. I have a discrete and safe website with very safe, and non nude photos that you are welcome to view BUT it's not for everyone, so please don't ask unless you are genuine, and I am pretty good at spotting a picture collector over a genuine inquiry. The reason it is a safe site is because it is NOT advertised, and is very private!

Lastly, VERIFICATION. I am unsure why some people find it so strange that I do want to know who you are before I travel to another country to meet you, or invite you into my personal space. Again, have some respect. If you can't verify yourself, how am I to feel safe in your presence. I am not saying every person is bad, but there are a few bad eggs around the world, and I do travel the world.

My safety is really important, and I respect your privacy as much as I would like you to respect mine. Little things like using manners and common sense go a long way. I pride myself on maintaining long and respectful relationships, and if we haven't yet met, I really hope we do soon.

That should about do this first little blog covering the basic house work. It was a tad longer than I anticipated, sorry. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Oh, random ap callers, and video callers get immediately blocked :-)


Rene xx |


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