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Kuala Lumpur Private Escort - by appointment

I get so many inquiries to visit Kuala Lumpur, and for some reason I seem to more often than less bypass this beautiful city in Malaysia.

I really adore the shopping and gorgeous sights in Malaysia, and now that I am spending most of my time in Singapore, I am out of excuses to not visit!

As Kuala Lumpur is quite strict when it comes to escorts and ladies travelling independently, I require my travel expenses, your ID and a business reference. To secure a date, a DEPOSIT within 24hrs of confirmation.

You will note my fees are more than likely higher than many ladies that visit KL, this is because my FEES ARE GLOBAL and only fluctuate to suit the nearest dollar rather than the general average.

My fees DO NOT include my travel and accommodation, and a lovely evening or afternoon shared. 

Fees from $4500USD

To inquire, please choose email

or CLICK HERE to use my contact form.


Please discuss with me flight and travel arrangements.

I am more than happy to fly to join you.

I look forward to meeting you.

 Rene xo

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