The Royal Vagina

The Royal Vagina

What is becoming of this industry.. Where do so many ladies get off on thinking they are way above others. Aren’t we all in the same industry, doing the same thing, seeing the same people, in the same hotels, the same cities, the same countries blah blah blah…

What really irks me in this industry is the hierarchy that lurks among the ladies, old and new.

I see so many posts on social media from females putting other females down because they charge too much, too less, because they don’t take deposits, or because they are old or too young, because they show their face, boobs, or vag for free, or because they don’t own their own homes, blah blah blah. It drives me insane. Get over it!

Ok, I will confess, I have had made the random comment in regards to another ladies activities (this is not about the bear that I occasionally like to poke either), but never have I gone to the extreme to go hard and go to town on another lady for doing the same thing I do for a living, or toward a client that enables the lifestyle I love!!

There is no hierarchy, there are no rules, no guidelines, there is none of us among all of us that are better, more entitled, more worthy, more regal, more privileged, more special, more any friggin thing… we are all the same, the only difference is how we package what we do, and of course what the client prefers in a companion.

So why do ladies need to compete against each other? They don’t. If they just all sat back down on the same bench they got off and had a really good look at life, they would see that each of us are entitled to do things our own individual way.

Being a companion/escort/courtesan/mistress/sex worker, whatever terminology you like to use, is a choice we have all made. The choice has stemmed from basically the same thing, firstly from the want to make money. There are a few (lucky) ladies that do it for the thrill first then money second, but in all honesty, that is a rare reason to enter into the industry, and even though I absolutely love the sex, it was the money that drove me into the industry first.

In my years I have only met one lady that came into the industry for the thrill of it… It’s a great story, I will share it with you. To keep it discreet, I will change the actual real (even though they are fake) details as you never know she may still be surfing the vines loving life…

Anyway, Tayla, I will call her, was a gorgeous Eurasian lady, married to a tycoon of a man that was not only lovely, but super rich. Tayla had an incredible life and really, she had no need to lift a finger for much else than the manicurist. Her husband worked all the time, and seemed to spend most of his time at home sleeping with paperwork and whiskey.

Tayla loved sex. She was actually raving mad for it. I had never really believed in such a thing as a sex addict until I met her, so yes, now I can say that these addictions really do exist.

When Tayla started working, it was her husband that suggested she go and do it. Not for the money, but to get her off his back and give her something to do. The logic there was so Tayla could have all the sex she wanted without having an affair… it made sense, I guess, when you think about it. If I had a man that had no problem with me having loads of sex, I would probably be married too. Haha!

Where am I going with this? I have no idea really, as I have completely slipped off the subject being The Royal Vagina.. Oh yes, the hierarchy among the angels.

Gents, believe me when I say we are all the same, ladies, believe it too! It doesn’t matter what you charge or see your worth as, we all are providing a ‘service’ (I hate that word), we are all providing a service to those that wish to indulge for whatever reason, so zip your labia lips, and put your royal vagina back in your panties!

Today, I was chatting to a younger gent who was making a genuine inquiry. He, based in Asia, was university educated, lived at home, and travelled frequently with his family. This is not an uncommon habit in Asia. Families here are families forever, similar to European families, but the Aussies will never understand that as we are all for ourselves and not even close to being family orientated as they are here.

He was very polite, and very grateful that I gave him the time to discuss his inquiry. Sadly, he had made contact sometime back with another Australian international lady,  among a few others, who made him feel inferior, and stopped him in his tracks from making contact again with an international lady.

I feel grateful that he has been following my twitter fed for some years, oh yes, I am sure he follows many, but right now its all about me ;-)… anyway, this young gent contacted me and this is how our conversation flowed, in his words:

“and there was this meanie I encountered who travels the world too. She told me she drives a Porsche and only meets people who are on ‘her’ level.”

I asked who of course. He told me, and yes, I know her attitude all too well!

He continued, “After that I didn’t message anyone and got the guts to finally message you. Her message really demotivated me.”

Ladies, please stop looking down on clients, and other ladies within the industry. Stop judging the gents that contact you. There is no need for rudeness. Sure post a joke, but there is no need to go to extremes to offend or hurt somebody else’s feelings.

Not every client has to like you, and you don’t have to like every client, as with every lady… you all don’t have to like each other, but please stop pretending you wear a crown. I am pretty sure there are very few crowns on this planet, and I am even more sure that none of US own one!

Just because one client doesn’t suit your royal vagina, there is no need to put down the other vaginas, hairy, trimmed or bare. We all have one, and you know what, we all use it the same way!

Ok, rant over – for now!

Hey, I am really loving my life in Asia! It is giving me loads of time to reflect and write, and think outside of the box. I love this industry. I love what I do, and if I can exit it leaving behind some happy souls, and helping others along the way, then my job on earth will be done…. but don’t go into panic (or cheer) mode yet, I am a long way off hanging up my stilettos. I love wearing them too much!

Oh, by the way, I drive a Porsche, and you are welcome to park your tram ticket on the dashboard any day…. well, you know what I mean 🙂

Rene Joile xo

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