The Mile High Club

Mile High Club

I’m sitting beside you on the plane. I’m watching you sleep.

My eyes are scanning your features. I see whiskers on your chin, few lines on your face, random freckles, no sign of sun damage. 

You look young. There is no hair on your arms, and I’m wondering if you have waxed or shaved them. Your hair is fair, so I am assuming not hairy anyway.

My eyes drift down. Trim body, blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and a bulge in your pants.

I can’t help but undress you, wondering if you are shaved, trimmed or waxed under your clothes. Is your skin soft? It looks smooth from here. I’m seeing your cock in my mind. I don’t see it as big, but big enough to be loaded and hard.

Your hands are folded, lightly clutched together. 

I am imagining your hands holding your cock. I’m picturing it hard and straight, with a shiny red knob, swollen, with signs of pre cum as you squeeze it tight, slowly sliding your hand up and down it, looking at me. 

You are sleeping, as I’m twisting in the seat next to you. I can feel my pussy swelling, and my panties getting wet.

Oh, what I would give to be able to slide my legs apart and fuck myself right now as I watch you, and imagine your stroking your cock. 

I’d love to reach over and feel you through your pants, feel you get hard. I’d love to take you to the point of explosion, maybe in your hand, maybe on. I’ve. Maybe I’ll lean over and tease your cock with my tongue and you can shoot that load of fire into my mouth, on my lips.

My mind is playing games of eroticism. I’m so turned on by your presence.

It’s the restriction, the rules of life, the taboo that is driving me to twisted fantasy. 

I have no idea where you are from.

I don’t really care.

We may never meet again.

If we do, I’ll remember your hands, and the fantasy will start all over again.

I wonder what you would say if I whispered in your ear, and told you, I just gave you a blow job in my imagination, and fucked myself as I did it…

I guess I’ll always wonder!

With special thanks to the unknowing guy on the Air Asia flight next to me

Come fly with me,

Rene Joile xo

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