The Great Deposit Dilemma

Escorts that want deposits

I have been an international touring companion and escort for over 15 years. In that time I have met many wonderful gents and ladies in more cities than most of you may ever travel to in a lifetime. Fortunately, I am confident enough to travel nationally and internationally without requiring deposits from clients I have previously met.

For new clients, and exclusive travel arrangements, longer than hourly encounters and for special requests that require me to purchase products, attire or book a hotel for the occasion, then of course a deposit is required to cover my costs should my client cancel last minute and leave me out of pocket, but apart from the norm, no, I do not require deposits.

The great deposit dilemma is becoming a regular subject on social media, and seems to almost be a standard request, especially from Australian ladies touring out of their home country… (which will be my next blog)

From one point of view, I fully understand as nothing irks me more than setting time aside to spend time with a gent only to have him not appear or cancel last minute (which is dam disrespectful… I will get into that later). I also understand from the clients point of view with the reluctance to part with money prior to meeting the lady they are hoping to spend time with in case a change of plans should occur..

Recently I have heard more stories (again) about ladies, established names too I might add, from Australia, who have collected deposits from clients, and not honoured their commitment to the client as a provider.

Lady 1 was booked several weeks prior to arriving, received her deposit via bank transfer. The client cancelled 3 weeks out due to work commitments taking him out of the country. When the client asked for the deposit to be refunded, or a reschedule to a later date, he was abruptly told NO – deposit forfeited..

Lady 2, also a well known name, had received a deposit via credit card weeks prior to her arrival date, yet cancelled the session 3 hours prior because she felt unwell. The client then asked for a refund or to reschedule at a later date, but what do you think happened? He was fed a whole lot of bullshit and the lady never contacted him again and the deposit has since no doubt been forgotten.. She is advertising tours, but not responding to his emails.

Lady 3, a newbie coming into Singapore, was contacted by the same client. Like the rest, she asked for a deposit, but really had no idea how to accept funds as she was reluctant to offer a bank account or any details to receive the monies requested, thus this all became too hard and the client went elsewhere.

Nothing irks me more than hearing stories in regards to gents feeling ripped off by my ladies, especially ladies from my own country, but as I said, I do understand the ladies point of view but I also understand why clients are reluctant to NOT want to offer deposits when Ladies don’t offer the client the same respect they were offered when the deposit was made.

Touring is really costly job! There may be only 5% of clients that really get this, so let me explain it simply, for both the clients and the new ladies considering touring.

Ladies all have lives, and these include expenses. Usual expenses might be a monthly rent of $1800, a car payment $1200, insurances, electricity, gas, phones etc $500, groceries $100, personal maintenance hair etc $300, entertainment $500, work related necessities like condoms, lubes stockings, new lingerie, medical $300+, advertising $300, petrol $200, and lets add another $300 for incidentals I can’t think of right now.. That is a small total of $5500 a month… more than the average lifestyle. Divide that into a weekly expense, so about $1300 a week.

Now lets add touring to the expenses for 1 week. Advertising $500 (a few weeks of ads on different sites), $800 airfare, 7 nights in an average hotel $2500, food $700, insurance $100, hairdresser and other incidentals approx $300. That is about $4900 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for 1 week away from home!!!

Weekly expenses for that week might be $6200 Australian dollars (approximately)

That’s a huge amount of money for any lady to risk by travelling to another country to sit in a hotel room only to have a ton of no shows, or gents wanting to cancel last minute, or change their times around, so YES, I fully understand the need for deposits. It’s stressful!

Ladies don’t fly across the world to have a holiday (although I say to every lady that travels internationally, if you can’t afford a holiday, then don’t tour!). Ladies travel to work, just as anybody else travels to work, but unlike most, Ladies don’t travel with an annual income, holiday pay, or much more than good faith in the clients that schedule time with them. Some Ladies don’t even travel with money to cover their hotels.. (silly girls)

From the Ladies point of view, I fully understand why they are asking clients for deposits. Touring is a very costly holiday if you can’t afford one, and often Ladies are travelling for their work because they are looking to make a little more, and feel special by meeting some lovely gents in another country. Touring internationally is fun and  exciting, but it’s also risky financially.

From the clients point of view, I fully understand the disappointment when feeling taken for a ride. I hate hearing stories from clients about deposits being taken unreasonably (as the above 3 recent examples tell), I also hate hearing stories about the Lady not looking at all like their photos for being too old, too fat, too scruffy or not even the girl in the picture. I fully understand all that.

I understand work commitments may change too, but please remember that you are getting paid. If you change last minute, then the lady doesn’t get paid, and falling behind is a long way to climb back up.

If I had been bitten once, there is no way I would offer a deposit, at least not to a Lady I didn’t know, and unfortunately, as so many new Ladies are visiting Asia, there are more and more faces and names that are unknown, but then again even some of the known Ladies are doing the wrong thing by the clients paying the deposits.

What we need is a basic understanding of money, and mutual respect for how it is earned.

Ladies need to understand that a deposit, even $200, is a lot of money. We are a LUXURY PURCHASE not a charity, therefore as all luxury stores, you must offer the client a refund or reschedule policy of sorts. There is nothing wrong with rescheduling time to meet again at a later date, but you must be able to commit to a later date!! If a client wanted to throw away the money, he would, but he is giving to you in good faith, therefore it must be accepted in good faith

Refunds: I personally DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS IF THE CLIENT CANCELLATIONS, but I will reschedule if the client cancels within a reasonable amount of time. The only time the deposit is forfeited, is in the event that the client doesn’t show up (which is rare) or if there is a last minute cancellation from him, then fair enough, and by last minute, I mean by on the day or less than 24 hours.

All other times, I like to reschedule. Of course, if I have had to outlay money for a hotel specifically and the deposit has covered that, then I am reluctant to even reschedule, but for most other things yes, I reschedule because I am committed to my work and respect my clients making time to see me too.

REFUNDS. Yes, I do offer refunds! If for some reason can not be available on the requested date, and the client can’t reschedule, then YES, I OFFER A REFUND. I will happily refund the monies by means of bank transfer, as usually that is how I have received the payment. I never offer cash refunds.

Gents, on reading this far I am hoping you now have a clearer understanding on why Ladies request deposits. Unfortunately very few gents respect the time we make to spend with them as anything really significant, but it really is. The time we put aside is as important to us as you going to work earning a living, as this is what we do…

We ask, that you please respect our time. We may not be a priority to you, but when we schedule time to make you a priority, we are making ends meet. We are paying our bills, covering our costs to see you, looking after our kids, or pets, and or ourselves to make the time to fly from one country to another to see you possible. That hour, or 2, with you is a priority for us.

Please respect the Ladies commitment to you, as you would expect your clients to respect yours to them. If you can’t commit, please don’t schedule a time.

That’s is a pretty good rant for me… I’ll thank the gin and tonic and the awesome vocalist singing in the corner of the hotel bar I am in in Singapore, killing time, because I had a no show – dam…. why didn’t I ask for a deposit 🙂

It’s a tough job being an International Escort, but I love it! Time for another G&T!

Rene Joile xx


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