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Switter for sex workers FOSTA

SWITTER for sex workers. Is this really a safe place for US, all international escorts, and sex workers globally to promote their sex services? And if it is, for how long? Switter Vs FOSTA.

They think they have it all covered…. but do they?

I am Rene Joile, an International Escort, and these are my thoughts.

I often openly publish my thoughts and concerns on social media, looking for answers to questions in regards to concerns. Today I posted in regards to the moderation practises of Switter. My questions were avoided and remain unanswered by the operators of Switter.

I went a step further and asked questions in regards to human trafficking on their free platform for sex workers after seeing a user post that showed a glimmer of sex trafficking and illegal sex trade. A post not unsimilar to the posts that raised public awareness on Backpage and the cause of Craigslist closing their personal services section… Switter is the ‘new kid on the block’, a free source platform and has opened doors for sex perpetrators and human traffickers, worldwide…

For many International Escorts and sex workers, the USA ladies and guys, it is TRAGIC as many of the international escorts touring or not, USA based or not, relied heavily on backpage for their last minute ads, as well as the sex workers that relied solely on backpage as their main source of income. The recent seizure of backpage.com has cause a massive ripple effect across sex workers globally. New sites, similar to Backpage.com, including SWITTER are popping up everywhere!!!

FYI: (I am far from an expert and certainly not a legal advisory) The SESTA-FOSTA package became a law April 11, 2018. For those still confused to what it is; SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) and FOSTA (Allow States and Victims to Fight Online). This is a USA law to stop country’s sex trafficking, making it illegal to knowingly assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking.  A small window in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants immunity to sites such as advertising directories saying “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider”. According to a 2012 UN report, there were 2.4 million people around the world who are victims of human trafficking at any given time. In this annual US$32 billion industry, 80% of victims are sexually exploited. thus SESTA-FOSTA.

For prospective clients, backpage always appeared in the top 10 on google results giving it the greatest worldwide coverage in almost every country around the world. Larger directories could not compete, and small ones stood no chance. Backpage.com meant an income for everyone of all shapes, sizes and nationalities, and fun for all!

I loved Backpage! It was an awesome platform to post and announce my tours. Many of my clients would scan through and see when I was in town, so I didn’t have to reach out with newsletters or make direct contact to let my clients know when I was arriving, and or leaving.

Twitter... the social media micro-blogging service averaged at 330 million monthly active users, globally in 2017. MASSIVE! Twitter is a fabulous stream for all business, large and small, and of course for personal use. It is easier than facebook, much more discreet and you really can hide behind a screen and be whoever you want.

The downside for international escorts, sex workers, cam girls, and other adult services related tweeters is the dreaded SHADOWBAN. Yep! If you post your boobs, flash a bit of pussy, or say cock, fuck, shit, or #hashtag some naughty term, or @tag some bad arse twitters, or post too much, or do something that isn’t considered acceptable in the playground, you get shadowbanned. It is a pain in the arse as it means (if you are dependent on social media) that your tweets don’t come up in your followers feed, or can’t be found in search.

Being shadowbanned, is it a big deal? No, not really. Just remove what you think is naughty, and censor your next few tweets and you are back and running. You see escorts crying out ‘retweet me because I am shadowbanned‘.. (I did that the first time) Seriously it is no big deal, you are only shadowbanned for a few days, take a dam break from social media. Get a grip on reality… This is SOCIAL MEDIA not real life. It doesn’t stop.. Although as I type this, I see it as a dam good way (and really sneaky way) to get people to repost your content. Scammers!!

Along comes SWITTER… The saviour to everyone’s problems. Overnight! A safe place for sex workers at last. Hallelujah! Praise the gods of SEX WORK…. Switter has landed!

Almost overnight, with the fear of twitter shutting their accounts if the SESTA-FOSTA act passed (which it did), and with the good thinking of a few heads an idea was born. They found free open source software called Mastodon and registered a $10 domain. Overnight the birth of a social media platform where sex workers can register and post whatever they wanted, no moderation required emerges.

No risk of being shadowbanner or having your account suspended. If you want to post an up-close picture of you labia, go for it! This is the platform for you! Its is completely safe for all!! (so they say) Oh, and unlike twitter, you can include up t 500 characters over the shorter 140 or whatever it is on Twitter.

Guys, hobbyists, this is a seedy sexy wildly naughty playground of completely unmoderated, completely free sexworker ads, constantly updated, almost live content coming straight from the pocket and pussy to your screen – FREE.. Did I just repeat myself 😉 Yes I did!

Switter… the new social media home to sex workers and hobbyists all over the world, no matter what you age, race, colour or religion is, fetishes included. You can follow sex workers walking their dog, posting their tours, flashing their boobs, promoting their services. It is HASHTAG heaven! You can get EVERYTHING from a high class lady to a full bareback anal service with a beautiful soft faced, fresh teen. (did I say teen? Yes, I think I did..) Ask questions, make requests, find forums… it has it all!

International escorts all over twitter got so excited overnight with the news of a new safe place, and they retweeted and retweeted and retweeted, and within 2 weeks SWITTER has managed over 46K registered users (SWs and hobbyists) and has seen over 350K posts.. Incredible! It is buzzing with action, unmoderated sexworker orientated micro blogging has gone mad!

Sexworkers are flashing their bits and the hobbyists are lapping it all up – For FREE of course.. but here comes my thoughts, and a few truths.


This small team of so called professionals, Assembly Four from Melbourne, are all self-proclaimed experts in sex industry and are pretty sure that what they have created is 100% rock solid safe. They are self-proclaimed EXPERTS  on the new law too, so that is a bonus, right? They claim to have about 35 years experience between them in the adult industry too… which equates to very little when split among 4, and considering I have had over 20 years experience (ok, more like around 30) on my own…

Issues and concerns are being raised from everywhere… oh ok, probably mostly me, Rene Joile, because everyone else seems to be too busy brown nosing directory owners, and smiling at their cameras, or too scared to speak up and ASK QUESTIONS.

One of my first (being a sceptic) was ‘who the F%&K is paying for this?’ Not that is is any of my business, but really, at a time when the industry is VULNERABLE and sex workers are nervous and panicked and along comes a FREE ESCORT ADVERTISING OPTION – NO STRING ATTACHED – NO MODERATION… why wouldn’t you want to question it. It is either FREE for real or it’s not.. and this seems to be FREE for real, therefore I queried it…

So I asked openly via social media, twitter actually, with tongue in cheek, ‘are you going to do a GoFundMe or something?’ I was seriously having a bad joke on them and they replied, ‘YES, they were thinking about a Patreon via a public fund raising campaign’ OMG.. Seriously!!! Those platforms to begin with DO NOT support sex orientated matters at all… simply because it would be a breach of their payment processors policies and we all know that payment processors do NOT support sex workers do anything!

The only way they can fund could be by private funding/investing, which will be ridiculous. An investor won’t invest money without getting some return (money or data, or both perhaps). Paid advertising per post like backpage perhaps or dodgy craigslist style ads, or by selling the data. Without money in the bank, there has got to be a ton dick sucking going on to keep it self funded and SAFE for all to use, hobbysists included!

I also queried their hosting, as an IP search came up on US servers, Phoenix to be exact, but they were bouncing around on a shared VPN. AFter numerous public posts on my twitter feed, Assembly Four finally responded (the A Team behind it all) and assured me their servers were not hosted in the US and they were safe behind Cloudflare..  Cloudflare is pretty good, they have a free option for small sites for about 2 pages, and big ones from $200 to $5000 a month. Australia’s Scarlet Blue use Cloudflare.

Anyway, I am over all that now, as that was a post from a week or so ago, and since then they have reassured all their users that they are NOT data mining (as per an email I received which actually is a weak act, because if what I received was the truth, then there should have been so shame in revealing it). A4 again assured that their servers are NOT hosted in the US as the original IP showed.. and of course I have gone through Mastodon (which is another 4000 word blog), but seems ok as they have spent the bucks to compete again the twitter platform.

My most recent beef, is over a post made on switter by a registered user offering full bareback and natural sex, both anal and vaginal sex services. This user requested contact via DM (direct message). The post was quite to the point, oh and she is on twitter too. The twitter account is fairly new, so there is a chance it has been closed and reopened. She offering bareback, natural sex, cum in her arse (her words) and escort services through an ‘agency’ as well AND working with other escorts doing the same bareback escort services.. Coincidence? I think not!

She comes from the EU, her profile says Czech on one site, and Romania on another. Pictures are candid and clothed but her ‘luring’ posts are not. Not quite the type of pictures you would expect from a international escort proudly offering bareback sex work from every orifice.. and very openly!!

On her social media, some of the posts are written in perfect English, some are terrible. I am not a detective, and I am not a sex lawyer (although happy to role play one) but a blind man will sense that this is one example of sex slavery or human trafficking. The Czech Republic is a sex trade source, transit, and destination country for exploited women and children subjected to sex trafficking internationally. It actually ranks 3rd highest in the world. (here’s an article of interest)

Sites like Switter will seem exciting, and be fun until something serious happens. There is no social media monitoring. There is no control over what sex workers are being posted and the original A4 are getting cocky, bragging numbers, and dismissing real concerns that they are getting both via social media, and via email.

There is no Social Media monitoring because they can’t afford it . Social media can cost anywhere from $10 a month to $50US a month. Of course to be able to afford these essential safety measures, a site needs to be making some money… and it is FREE remember!

As usual, I couldn’t resist, so I posted on my social media twitter @VipReneJoile and a very helpful switter moderator jumped in to answer some questions. She has no idea. I am sure her expertise is in one field, but her confidence wasn’t ready for the questions I raised. I give her credit, for an unpaid employee, she did her best at ensuring that everything was all legal and moderated. She couldn’t say by  who or for how many hours a day it was moderated, or even tell me how… then she dropped the bomb ‘oh we are thinking about it‘.

This moderator/employee is not on the payroll, and there are 2 others also not on the payroll (apparently). I am sure they are helping sex workers internationally by helping switter, but are they doing the right thing. They are assisting a social media feed facilitate a sex worker advertising platform, worldwide.

She also had direct access to my account on switter, (which I have no interest in using. I signed up so no one else would steal my name), and assured me that it had been registered and was active, and that I could go ahead and login and ‘toot away’. I teased her a bit, but she didn’t get my sense of humour… oh well!

If you are interested, it is an interesting feed on my personal twitter at @VipReneJoile  and I did screen shot all of it, and will add it here for your interest at a later stage, as I am sure their comments will be deleted in time (pictures will be here when I have added them).

MY ADVICE to both sex workers and hobbyists, please use caution with all sites you register. Don’t just trust a site because everybody else is talking about it.

SEX WORKERS: Ask QUESTIONS!!! So many have already submitted details, credit cards, card verification details, phone numbers, emails etc to a site that has been seized by the FBI, you don’t want you info seized twice..

Switter in an overnight success, as with many others….. and I am not convinced it is even a success yet as there are a lot of unanswered questions relating to the privacy and discretion of it’s users. Questions that the A4 team should have jumped in and handled on twitter when tagged in them, but they just let their little sheep bleed and bleed as I kept firing more bullets.

Mistress Emilia, you are a good sport. I thank you for doing your best, and apologise for the cross fire, but as I said, use caution when assisting new sites like this, because ‘The little fish always get eaten first‘ ……yes, words of wisdom from Rene Joile Me 🙂

SWITTER has been online now for about 3 weeks…. the are now asking for photo verification and stupid shit that if fell into the wrong hands, could get a lot of people in trouble, and as it is an open-source code, there is no guarantee that that can’t happen.

They have NOTHING in place to protect the end user, but all the knowledge in the world over a law which is 2 weeks old… and will become a federal law because sex and human trafficking extends much much further than the USA!

Furthermore, I a pretty confident when I say there is sex trafficking is running rampant on their servers, and  I have no doubt in 46k+ registered users, a handful of low life pimps selling underage adults and children as prostitutes… as they have just run out of where to to their trade…. and the A4 team have NO IDEA how to find it, how to control it or stop it…

I wish them well and those who use it.

My thoughts – yes, and this is my blog. I know I will receive some seriously negative feedback, and be called out as a hater (again), but c’est a vie!

Rene Joile | a Sexy Lady with a dirty imagination


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