Spice it up

have a better sex life

Forget the Vanilla, baby!

Get honey dipped, add some caramel and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon.. Spice it up the in the bedroom, between the covers, or if you are like me, on the kitchen bench, in the shower, the cinema, find somewhere on the edge of naughty, and vamp it up!

Gone are the days where you had to keep your naughty thoughts to yourself. Turn the fucking light on, go out without your panties, have wild random sex with that hot guy you’ve been watching, and get up close, and get creative!

Don’t be shy to ask a guy to get down between your legs and feast like a ravaged wild beast, or rip his pants down and give him a blow job in the kitchen while he’s on the phone to his mate.. Just do it!

Here are a few of my favorites for you to…. think about:

  1. The Corporate – What man can resist that tailored fitted black skirt, and a sheer blouse. Drop in to his office. Wear a pair of suspenders underneath and make sure he can see the line of them across your butt as you bend over to pick up that pen. Ha. Don’t forget to be pantiless… He won’t last 10 minutes.
  2. Foot Fetish – I love a man that loves my feet! I have really ticklish feet so for me its borderline pleasure and pain as the are fondled, sucked and massaged. It’s a strong and powerful feeling seeing a big man making love to the lowest part of your body.
  3. Tantric Massage – Get yourself a massage table and set up in the lounge room. Burn some fragrant oils, nice candles, put some lounge music on and invite your crush over for a massage. Use a blindfold and a serious amount of warm oil. Practice slow strokes and deep breathing with each stroke. Climb on top and slide your body all over them. Have sex without penetration. It will be the best orgasm you both have ever shared.
  4. Handbag sized sex toys – Keep a little lipstick sized vibe in your purse. Its perfect for those dinner dates. Use it to tease your partner by leaving it vibrating in your bag, or slip it into his pocket, vibrating. Tell him you used it earlier that afternoon while you were deciding what to wear.. don’t just tease with it, be ready to let him use it on you later, or pull out the slightly bigger one 😉
  5. Phone Sex – Run a bath or get yourself into a nice comfortable position, and make that call. Tell him that you are so horny and you want him to hear you cum. Ask him to talk to you, or describe in details what turns you on when you are home alone..
  6. Sex with Food – Add some flavours! You have seen the movie dirty dancing. You were stuck on the eye contact scene. Do it with food. You don’t have to suck a banana and pretend to make it sexy. Eat whatever you want, slowly, licking your lips, and maintaining that eye contact. He will hear those dirty thoughts before you have even thought them..

    Sexy and submissive. A sexy D/S
    Fantasy D/S relationship with a sexy lady
  7. Threesome – Invite a friend. Let your fingers do the walking… and I mean literally! Hire an escort, phone a friend, go to a bar, bring a third party in and literally let your fingers do the walking as your partner sits back and watches..
  8. Bondage – Handcuffs, ropes, silk ties, whatever tickles your fancy. Let you partner tie you up (or you tie them up). You can get as simple or as complicated as you like. Tie your partner to the bed or research and learn the erotic rope art,  Shibari or Kinbaku. Japanese bondage is a mix of beauty and eroticism. It requires patience but its fun. Just remember to not restrict blood flow!!
  9. Role Play – Create a scenario and act on it. Perhaps you have had a wet moment in a change room, or you have fantasised about having sex with a random stranger you just met in a bar. Play it out, and have some fun with it. Its always fun watching bar staff observing you if you are the one ‘waiting’ at a bar for your random stranger to appear…
  10. Last but not least – Watch a Porno.. Yes, together! If you don’t have any hidden in your bottom draw like I do, then download on. There are plenty of free sites to download just about any fantasy you want. I love porn! It doesn’t always have to be hardcore fucking. There is a lot of really sexy, sensual soft porn. I love it on my own, and I love watching with another!

So I wasn’t as wild as I could have been, but they are my easiest and most practised tricks and tips. Let me know how you go 😉

Rene J xx



picture credit: http://naked-in-the-rain.deviantart.com/

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