Sexy abbreviations used by Escorts

Lets test your abbreviation skills here:

“Hi, I am a HC FL DDG available for a DTE or an OVN with gents ISO a NSA LTR. I am an ATF ASP, TGTBT really. Time spent with me is more like a HME, similar to GFE with a touch of PSE, including lots of DFK and BS . You are welcome to DATY while I give you a CBJ. I’m very creative and enjoy MPOS and FBSM. F2F, M2F, MMF, GOG are welcome.”

How did you go? Confused, I am sure.. if you weren’t, then I’m impressed!

I don’t understand past GFE, PSE and really have no interest in trying to incorporate this abbreviated lingo into my world. Its frustrates me endlessly when I receive messages from potential inquirers asking my questions using abbreviations I have never heard of before.

So to simplify it, or to entertain you, I have found a list of the most common sexual abbreviations often used in adverts placed by escorts of directories and escort advertising websites.

Just a WOA when contacting a HC WG: If you are just looking for a WR 3G of BBBJNQNS, be prepared for a FUTB or serious CBT. Probably best you DTY!



3G – “Get In. Get Off. Get Out”. Assuming the type of encounter that would earn you a slap!

A-Level / Greek – Anal sex.

AMP – Asian Massage Parlour.

ASP – Adult Service Provider.

ATF – “All Time Favourite”

ATM – Ass To Mouth. Transitioning from anal to oral (penis, finger or toy).

B&S – Bait And Switch. A negative term for an escort who did not appear as advertised or described.

BBBJ – Bareback Blowjob. Oral without a condom, also known as Un-Translated French (UTF)

BBBJNQNS – Bareback Blowjob No Quit No Spit – Unprotected oral sex performed to the end, with swallowing.

BBBJTC – Bareback Blowjob To Completion (aka CIM). Unprotected oral sex performed to the end, with spitting or swallowing.

BBBJTCWS – Bareback Blowjob To Completion With a sexy lady online dating

BBBJWF – Bareback Blowjob With Facial.

BBFS – Full sex without a condom.

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman. For clientele that prefer fuller figures and overweight women.

BJ – Blowjob.

BL – Body Lick.

BLS – Ball Licking & Sucking.

BS – Body Slide. Massage service where the ASP slides over the client’s oiled body.

CBJ – Covered Blowjob. blowjob using a condom, also known as Translated French (TF).

CBT – Cock & Ball Torture.

CC Rider – Used to describe an escort who provides full intercourse for less than $200/hr.

CD – Cross Dresser.

CDS – Covered Doggy Style. Sex in doggy position with a condom.

CFM – “Come Fuck Me”. Refers to the ‘pretty woman look’.

CFS – Covered Full Service. Sex with a condom.

CID – Cum In Deep. Natural sex without a condom.

CIH – Cum In Hair. (Disgusting! Arguably the most detestable act of all!)

CIM – Cum in the mouth.

CL – Craig’s List. The classifieds website.

CMD – “Carpet Matches Drapes”. Used to describe a natural blonde.

CMP – Chinese Massage Parlour.

CMT – Certified Massage Therapist. Do not assume that all CMTs are ASPs!

COB – Cum On Body.

COH – Cum On Hair.

DATO – “Dine at the O”. Analingus.

DATY – “Dine at the Y”. Cunnilingus.

DDE – Doesn’t Do Extras.

DDF – Drug and Disease Free. Hopefully this goes without saying!

DDG – Drop Dead Gorgeous.

DDP – Double Digit Penetration.

DT – Deep Throat. Oral sex where the entire penis is taken in the mouth. Terms and conditions may apply for any 12 inch monsters out there!

DFE – Dead Fish Experience. A derogatory term for a poor performance.

DFF – Dead Fish Fuck.

DFK – Deep French Kissing. Lots of tongue contact, associated with the girlfriend experience (GFE).

DIY – Do It Yourself. Masturbation.

DP – Double Penetration or Digital Penetration. Ask if confused!

DS – Doggy Style.

EE – Erotic Enema.

F2F – Female To Female.

F2M – Female To Male.

FBSM – Full Body Sensual Massage.

FFF – “Find Them, Fuck Them, Forget Them.”

FIV – Finger In Vagina.

FJ – Foot Job.

FK – French Kissing.

FL – Freelance. Independent escort.

FMF – A threesome with two females, one male.

FOBU – “Fat Old Bald Ugly”

FOTC – Fuck of The Century. What every PSE escort wants to see in her forum reviews!

FR – Field Report. A detailed report of time spent with the escort.

FS – Full Service.

FTF – “Fun To Fuck”

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt. A term for trolling often seen on forums where members provide false information and set out to harm the reputation of an ASP.

FUTB – Finger Up The Butt.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience. Many clients do not feel comfortable with the blunt reality of paying for sex, or a monetary transaction. The girlfriend experience leans towards romance and seduction over the raunchy and wild PSE.

GF3 – Girlfriend Experience with oral, anal and full sex.

GND – Girl Next Door. Used to describe the ‘cute’ look.

GOG – Girl On Girl.

GS – Golden Shower. Urinating on a partner.

GSM – G-Spot Massage.

HC – High Class.

HE – Happy Ending.

HJ – Hand Job.

HM – “High Mileage.” A derogatory term.

HME – Honeymoon Experience.

HTUMA – His/Her Tongue Up My Ass. Analingus.

HWP – Height & Weight Proportional. The ASP is normal build.

ISO – “In Search Of…”

K9 – “Canine”. Doggy style sex.

L/A/S – Looks / Attitude / Service.

LFK – Light French Kissing. Tongue but not deep.

LK – Light Kissing. No tongues.

LTR – Long Term Relationship. Exclusivity with a client in exchange for regular payments.

M2F – Male To Female.

M2M – Male To Male.

MFF – Threesome with one male, two females.

MFM – Threesome with two males, one female.

MILF – “Mum I’d Like To Fuck.”

MSOG – “Multiple Shots On Goal”. Pretty much a brothel term.

MP – Massage Parlour or Multiple Positions.

MPCFS – Multiple Positions Covered Full Service.

MPOS – Multiple Positions Oral Sex.

MSOG – “Multiple Shots On Goal”. Orgasm more than once.independent-australian-companion

NC/NS – No Call or No Show.

NGP – Not Genuine Photos.

NMG – No-Money Guys. Clients with low budgets.

NQBC – Non-Quitter But Covered. Protected oral sex to completion, no quitting.

NQBS – Non-Quitter But Spitter. Unprotected oral sex to completion but with spitting.

NQNS – No Quit No Spit. Unprotected oral sex to completion with swallow.

NSA – No Strings Attached.

OTC – Oral To Completion.

OVK – Over The Knee Spanking.

OVN – Overnight.

OWO – Oral Without A Condom.

OWOTC – Oral Without a Condom To Completion.

PIITB – Put It In The Butt

PIV – Penis In Vagina.

POS – Pussy On The Side. Couples.

PS – Private Show.

PSE – Porn Star Experience. Uninhibited sex. Usually includes CIM or COB, with lots of DT and DFK.

PV – Private Viewing. Striptease session.

R&T – Rub And Tug.

RCA – Reverse Cowgirl Anal.

RCG – Reverse Cowgirl.

REV – Review. Prefix used on forum threads to indicate a review of an ASP.

RLD – Red Light District.

ROB – Rip Off Bitch. Reserved for scam artists who take the cash without providing the service.

RTF – Return To Fuck. Repeat client.

SAFE – Any sexual activity conducted with safety measures in place, such as condoms, dental dams. This should be an industry standard, but sadly it isn’t.

SFH – Sex For Hire.

SG – Street Girl.

SOG – “Shots On Goal”. Orgasm attempts.

SOMF – Sat On My Face.

SP – Service Provider.

SRS – Sexual Reassignment Surgery. Used to describe transexual.

ST – Short Time.

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease. Aim to avoid!sexy-threesome-gfe-pse-asexylady

SW – Street Walker. Soliciting sex on the street.

SYT – Sweet Young Thing. A young and usually cute ASP.

TG – Transgender. Includes transvestites, transexuals, shemales and CDs.

TGTBT – Too Good To Be True.

TF – Translated French. Protected oral sex.

TS – Transexual.

TUMA – Tongue Up My Ass.

TV – Transvestite.

TVSW – Transvestite Street Walker.

UTF – Untranslated French. Unprotected oral sex.

UTR – Under The Radar. A term given to ASPs who do not seek attention on forums, blogs or in advertisements.

WAH – Wild Ass Humping.

WF – Wild Fuck.

WG – Working Girl (prostitute).

WOA – Word Of Advice.

The list goes on… If you are still curious, please visit here. You will find close to 850 acronyms here related to all sorts of things I am sure you have never heard of before.


Rene Joile xx