My life in transit

Rene Joile, International escort

As I sit on yet another flight and look out the window, I can’t help but wonder how long before this lifestyle starts to take its toll on me. I sometimes take up to 10 international flights a month, and often not much longer than 3 or 4 days in each city I stop at. Sometimes I am only away overnight, but I guess that’s the good thing about everything in Asia being so close.

This morning was weird. I woke up at 3am with no idea where I was. I was in a semi sleep state as I reached over to find water, and my eyes tried to focus on the darkness in the room to make out where I was…. Ah, Singapore. That’s right. I had totally forgotten as I was in a different place to where I usually would be.

There are so many pros to being and international escort but there a lot of negatives too. In response to so many dm’s I get from ladies over the years asking me about what it is like to travel abroad so frequently… I will try to do my best to shed some light on my life, now.

There is something really liberating, and grown up about jetting off to the other side of the world with a feeling of importance. Not only to yourself, but to those that are eager to spend time with you. It is really quite an honour to be treated as a movie star as you arrive in a different city. The smiles on the faces of the hotel staff when you check in. The cheeky grin from the room service ladies. The twist of the necks of the gents you walk past them en route to somewhere you have never been before.

I am not sure what it is, but for me, when I pack to leave for a destination, I get butterflies of excitement each time, no matter how often I travel. I just love it. I love to look at the weather for the days of weeks ahead, and look at my diary, social and business, selecting outfits to suit every occasion, shoes and handbags. Then the fun of squeezing them all into a suitcase, packing and repacking, weighing my luggage, juggling necessities with things I can really live without (which usually if half the contents of my suitcase).

I am getting bag smart now however, but you would think so after over 20 years + abroad as an international escort. Now I pretty much fly between international cities in Asia with carry on, perfect. All my makeup is in under 100ml bottles, creams, lotions and potions all transferred into smaller bottles, and most other things like liquid soups, mouthwash etc I purchase as I arrive if need be, but then again, most of the hotels supply most of this little items anyway so travelling with them isn’t really necessary.

I guess now living in Asia it makes life a lot easier, as I don’t need to travel heavy, and short trips are easier than ever. Lucky me!

The cons.

Occasionally, although not often I might add, there are feelings of loneliness. Not for personal companionship, but just not being able to pick up the phone and chat endlessly to one of your girlfriends. Different time zones makes it hard, especially when most of your friends and lifelines are in Australia, or elsewhere in the world. Everywhere else is behind or in front… so when you sit down at the end of the day, and put your feet up on the couch and feel like dribbling endless crap to somebody that loves you enough to listen… they are all in bed, possibly snoring their head off, because of the time difference.

Personal companionship for some reason, isn’t really an issue, because as you travel more and more, you build ‘relationships’ so to speak with your clients, and you seem to have your favourites… well I do, and I love my time with them, in fact I look forward to my time with them, not only for the conversation but for the intimate companionship. Relationships with your clients seem to become more than a way of life, they are a major part of who you are.

It’s an interesting life living precariously through other people’s husbands and partners, but you get very accustomed to it, and waking up next to somebody day in and day out isn’t really a necessity. You (well I do) seem to get very comfortable with own space, and your own company, that the thought of having somebody beside you day in and day out almost becomes smothering…

I really like my life the way it is. I love the freedom, the liberation, and the space around me. To be able to travel, walk around naked, fart freely (yes, we all do it), get drunk, play whatever music you like, watch whatever you want on TV, be silly, play dress up, do whatever you like is so liberating.

I spend most of my days, when I am home alone, naked… yep! No need to wear clothes. Well, it’s warm for starters every day, so there is no chance of snap freezing my nipples off. Then when I feel like it, I might mosey down to the street to grab some fresh fruits, or to the pool (my office), or to the gym. I have a massage almost every day, and my massage lady, although she barely speaks more than 5 words of English, makes me smile from ear to ear. I am not sure if she knows what I do for a living, no reason why she should really, but she is well aware of my frequency in and out of town. I love her.

My housekeeper. Oh my, she is something else. She pops in and out to check my humidifier when I am away. You can’t live in Asia without one or everything in your cupboards will grow mouldy with humidity. She is fabulous. Her English is pretty good, and she scoots across to see me on her motorcycle. She takes me to the markets occasionally, or we just scoot around with no real purpose on the motorcycle. I love it. We laugh and laugh, and I still haven’t got used to the need to not suck my stomach in as we squeeze in and out of traffic.

I never seem to get bored with my own company when I am travelling, and I call living in Asia part of travelling because I walk in and out of customs so frequently, I am rarely ever home for more than 2 weeks at a time…. But I am looking forward to having an extended holiday over the Christmas and New Year season without leaving my 2km radius… apart from perhaps a beach holiday with my kids when they come over.

Being an International escort, is a great life, so full of opportunity and surprise. I just love travelling. I don’t really see myself slowing down for many years to come. Seriously, I just love it, and Australia isn’t really far away. If I get home sick, I jump on a plane, pull my laptop out and write something new. I am really enjoying writing lately too!

See you at the pool!

Rene Joile x

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