Mentorship or bullshit?

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The latest craze is ‘escort mentorship’ for Australian ladies wanting to up their branding, increase their popularity, or to learn the ropes in regards to international touring.

Mentorship.. Ok, I get it, but where do you get it from? From a lady you know, from a real business mentor, from reading forums, from asking ladies on twitter or from other escorts??

What exactly is mentorship? ‘Google, help me. I am confused.’

noun: mentorship; plural noun: mentorships; noun: mentor-ship; plural noun: mentor-ships
the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.
“he is revered by his employees for his mentorship and problem-solving qualities”
a period of time during which a person receives guidance from a mentor.
“a two-year mentorship with an entrepreneur in a tech start-up”


Ok. Mentorship is a service provided by an experienced professional that can offer guidance, and assist with problem solving in a particular field. In this field we are talking international prostitution.

I am really surprised at the number of experts there are nowadays in the field of ‘international sex work‘. I had no idea that there were so many ladies that were qualified to educate other ladies on how to market their vaginas and keep them safe from harm in countries other than their own (or even in their own actually). I can not believe how many ladies are so knowledgeable with the laws of working internationally… 

Mentorship has become a word used by ladies that are currently actively working in the industry. The latest faze is costing the newbies that are looking for mentorship 30-40% of their earnings or stupid sums of unearned money for what?…

I am no dummy, but let me get this clear. The ladies that are claiming to be mentors are charging ladies a ton of money to follow them like sheep and do what they are told to do. So basically, what they ladies are paying for is to be a groupie?? Are these ladies qualified to be able to give you real and accurate advise. Ask just one of them what you should do if the police knock on your door, or if the hotel you are staying at asks you to leave, or if a client stands over you demanding you empty your safe… Are you ok with all that? Are they? Are they mentoring you on how to look after your safety?

Aside from that, International touring isn’t that hard. You post an ad on or, perhaps, or (all the naughty network sites are fun and mostly free). Use google to find which other sites come up in search and post free ads on them. Pay if you must but don’t go crazy. Join a few of the uber private facebook groups for escorts that whisper all the secrets about who goes where, and what they wear in Asia, and to find hotels, and bingo, you are an International Escort!

The hard part is being able to afford to travel internationally, and that’s where ladies fall apart. Touring is expensive! On average your expenses will be between $3500-$6000AU a week, so consider it carefully. I always say, ‘if you can’t afford a holiday, you can’t afford to tour‘, so think very carefully before you plan to go… oh, and as for planning, you need to run your ads about 3-6 weeks out before you go.

You don’t need a local number, whatsapp will suffice, just be careful and remember to speak to your prospective clients on a real number before locking in any arrangements. Your gut instinct is your biggest protector. If  you don’t have it, don’t go!

IMPORTANT: You are touring illegally in any country you are entering on a holiday visa! (something your silly mentor will neglect to think is relevant). Unless you have a work visa or residency, you are working illegally and it doesn’t matter what you read or who tells you otherwise.. The facts are the facts! You are working illegally in any country if you enter on a holiday visa, so don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise! You need to be aware, and have Plan B should the worst happen! I can tell you now, any flossy on the other side of the phone that calls herself a mentor or PA will die a 1000 deaths if you called for help with an real situation, because I guarantee she doesn’t have a Plan B either… yet she is OK to tell you how to get yourself into the mess you might get in??

Ok, now back to the mentorship. I think that’s pretty good info, so how about you deposit 40% into my account or pay me a ridiculous sum for that information… No, I didn’t think so! I will keep going anyway.

Have you never heard the saying, ‘Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.’? Think about it……

Ladies, if you seriously believe you need mentoring, can I suggest you do an online course in marketing, or watch a few podcasts from major companies. There are many great facebook groups that focus on woman and business, and guess what, you might be a sex worker, but you are a business. There is nothing that you will learn in a business course that won’t apply to your life as an escort. Really!

A few pointers from me though (put another 100 in my account). If you do intend to be truly an independent lady of the globe, or even Australia, you need to have YOUR OWN WEBSITE!! There is no sense in learning, and or spending money on mentorship (choke splutter vomit), if you are going to send all your hard earned traffic to a directory link that offer the visitors a wild cocktail of sexy women. Besides that most of the websites you can advertise on FREE will require a link exchange, and you can’t do that on a directory page.

Create a free site on wordpress (like this one) or make a pretty one on wix like my other ones at or, but for-goodness sake, do yourself a favour and get your own website… even a one page site will do!! DO NOT even consider spending good money on sending your traffic to your competitors!

I know there are many bonuses for having a beautiful page on a directory, but what happens if you decide to take a break for 1 or 2, or 6 months from working… you loose all your traffic, your followers, your fans, your clients, everything, OR you have to keep paying to maintain an advertisement that you don’t need… unless of course you have tons of money and really don’t mind giving it away!

Not confident enough to build your own site. No problem, there are many companies that will build you a site for less that what you will be paying a so called mentor. Google escort web design. Find a designer. Look at their clients and get them to build it, ad do all the Escort SEO stuff for your site too!

Back to the mentorship thing…. its very lovely to see your name being mentioned by a well known name in the industry, and all lovely to feel a part of a special group, but what are you paying for?? An education? Fame and fortune? Or someone to answer your phones and take your messages? Hey, that’s not mentorship. Or is it a PA??

I can’t help but include the PA bullshit into this too…. what is a PA? Do I need to use google or are you all pretty clear that a Personal Assistant is somebody employed by you to assist you with the tasks you don’t want to do, or tasks you don’t have time to do..

A PA does NOT take a commission in your business. Fact!

My PA, yes, I have one but you would never know she existed because she does things like monitor when my ads are due, arranges my pics to be edited or changed in my ads, updates my ads with the information I give her, follows up on what is on in cities I am looking to visit at whatever times I am considering going, check if there are any reasons why I shouldn’t go (eg Hong Kong is a bugger for huge events that block the city so those ties are best avoided, and Singapore loves public holidays).

My PA does NOT answer my calls or messages. She does NOT have a second number that she uses in advertisements. She does NOT arrange my bookings or converse with my clients pretending to be me. She does NOT take commissions from my work.

I pay my PA an hourly fee, and allocate X amount of hours each week or month for her to do the tasks I set out for her to do. My PA is not a working lady trying to juggle phones for multiple ladies in between bookings and her own priority to make her own income.

Anybody that takes commission from your work is a commission AGENTNOT a PA

So ladies, mentorship or bullshit, you decide, but I am pretty sure that it is bullshit. If you really are serious and you would like mentorship, I am more than happy to refer or recommend a retired escort who has time to focus on your needs, but seriously, go through facebook and find some marketing vids on YouTube.

You really can do it on our own!

Rene Joile xx

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