Love Thy Client

Rene Joile, a sexy lady with a dirty imagination

If you are an avid social media follower, then you would be right in the know of the grumbling, and the nastiness, and the cockiness that is served upon many a male client by ladies within the sex industry… Yes, I have been guilty of sharing my thoughts in regards to the occasional shitty punter that really gets my skin crawling, but I don’t like to make a habit of it.

I love my clients, and I love the personal connection I have with them as much as I love the intimate connection… You heard it right. I really do!

I am a single female, and like every normal human being, I love intimacy on all levels. I crave affection, passion and attention, and I am not afraid to admit it. I don’t seek the perfect 10 in a male partner, or The Rock lookalike (but wouldn’t turn him away of course). I enjoy the companionship of a genuine gentleman who is happy, and excited to be in my company. Someone who respects me as a human being (as well as craves me as a sexy desire of course), and the best part about my line of work is that I get that!

I often feel guilty, when I look forward to meeting a familiar face, because the conversation flows from last time, common grounds have been met, and there is a good chance he has already hit my g-spot, so I know the sex is going to be fabulous! I’m winning!!

As for a new friend, I get nervous to a degree, but that is even more stimulating. I get excited talking to someone, and getting to know them, including their likes and dislikes before I have even met them face to face. Then the pleasure I get from dressing to impress them. It’s all really exciting!

The sex with a new partner can be so intense too. I love the WOW factor when we first meet. There are snippets of my face on the internet, and a lot of photos to show off my best (or preferred assets) but I know that when I walk in the door, or they walk in mine, they are about to meet one hell of a stunning and sassy lady, and for me, that WOW factor is second to none!

I really enjoy making my way around unfamiliar territory (so to speak) just to see how far I can take a new lover, or how far he can take me. New friends are great learners, and I am more than happy to take them on the g-spot exploration, both ways of course!

So ask me if I love me life, yes I do! Ask me if I love my clients, yes I do! Ask me if I could go back in time, would I change a thing? No, I wouldn’t. I really love being ‘Rene Joile’ and YES, Love Thy Client? Yes, I do!!


Rene Joile xx

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