Lost in technology

Welcome to the 20th century!” they said.

IPhones, IPad, IPods, Androids, Palm Pilots, Tablets, Bluetooth, The Cloud, Hard drives, USB, Giga drives, Routers, Gateways, blah blah blah.. the list goes on and on, and if you are as ‘young’ as me, you probably will have no idea what half of it is, or probably think half of what we hear about is all to advanced for our simple needs…

I have been using an old iPhone 4. It has been a loyal companion for may years, watching over my diary, contact lists, emails, photo galleries, social media, shopping aps, flights, schedules, pretty much everything from my hairdresser to my holidays. It has been all over the world with me, and seen and heard an overload of information throughout its years.

Up until tonight, for the fear of understanding, or disbelief that technology really is as good as it claims, I have chosen not to tamper with perfect and stay clear of the cloud, the computer or anything else that starts with a ‘i’ and let my dinosaur iPhone do what it does best, WORK for me. Up until now, I have been to nervous to connect it to the laptop, or the cloud as a precaution to not share, spoil or loose any stored information on my phone. If a quarter of the information on my iPhone should spill, there would a mess amid many households that I really don’t want to be a part of..

A few months ago, I dropped my little phone for the 4th time, and cracked it. SO now not only does it look ugly, it operates so slowly on 3G, which is pretty much a dinosaur pace nowadays, so its time to update!! I bought myself a flashy new Samsung and its time to transfer as much info as I can between 2 rivals… Let the fun begin!

I plugged my little cracked iPhone in to my HP to backup.Iphone

My brand new laptop, top of the range HP SPECTRE decided that the software on my laptop was out of date(?), and everything needed updating, so off it went and did its thing. Updating, downloading, shutting down, restarting.

It must have restarted about 6 times whilst trying to update and reinstall iTunes, then iTunes complained that my iPhone was too old to do anything too, and attempted ‘who knows what’, and this is what I ended up with…

A phone that won’t connect, wont upload, download, back up, turn on or turn off – AUGH!!!

So, the moral of this sad post is – BACKUP YOUR PHONE!!

If by chance, you are one of those contacts I have lost, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH – AGAIN!!


If you have messaged or called me on my Australian mobile: +61 433 224 499

or contacted me on my Singapore WhatsApp +65 8590 4690

or emailed me: rene@asexylady.com  or  rene@renejoile.com or asexylady@icloud.com

Anyway, boo hoo for me.. and anyone waiting for me to reply.

Until we speak again!

Rene Joile xo