How Hungry Are You?

How Hungry Are You

What is it that you hunger?

Food? Love? Money? Attention? Promotion? A new car? A pair of shoes? A piece of artwork? We are all hungry for something..

I find more so than most in the adult industry. Men are hungry for fun and the women are hungry for the money. What happened to having a great time and enjoying human interaction. Meeting a lady? Meeting a guy? Making a plan and sharing an encounter that was memorable, rather than a sporting achievement?

Bang, in a puff of smoke, all the nice seems to have disappeared! Inquiries are coming thick and fast, asking for nude photos, ridiculous (and often degrading) requests, dick pics, one word messages, and the ladies are getting tired and ruder, and hungrier for the money. They are negotiating, striking deals, discounting services, and turning the industry into a desperate game of who can get the most for less…. both ways!

Really!! Ladies, pull your panties up and cross your legs! Hold your head up and be proud of who you are and what you have chosen as a profession. You are not summer sale. You are NOT a below average human being… but boy, are some of you sure behaving as such!

Men… you don’t get off hook here. Your requests are getting worse and worse, and I am blocking numbers quicker than I am writing this. The number of requests for selfies, nude pictures, and unsafe sex services are out of control!!! Why would any man, or lady want to go down the path of natural sex in this day and age…??

F#@K OFF!!! If you are looking to employ a professional lady for an hour or two, or even a lifetime, and you are wanting natural sex, you, in my books, are quite possibly one of the dirtiest creatures that walks the earth… and if you are a lady offering natural sex, by means of the temptation of a few extra dollars, then you are running right along side of the filthy male asking for it.

This is real and it is happening!!! It is happening in Australia and it is happening in Asia.. and more in your face than ever! The number of inquiries outweigh the possibility of this not happening. I hate to burst somebody’s bubble of joy, but there are some serious diseases that are incurable, from Herpes to HIV, and of course so many that are undetectable. Why would you as a client, or you are a professional lady want to go down this path…?

I can not fathom not respecting ones own self worth. You are all someones daughter or son, possibly someones partner or parent, a sister, a brother, but you are all somebody that matters to somebody else, so why would you want to play a game of Russian roulette for a few dollars…

That kick, be it only once off (in your head) could be a lifetime sentence. How can you tell if somebody is ‘clean’… because they said so? Or because they are pretty, or rich, or lovely or what-the-fuck-ever… If they are asking you, or saying yes to you, I guarantee you are NOT the only one!!

I know this article will raise a lot of eyebrows, and many of you will have your own chain of thoughts, but just remember, this is my blog and my thoughts, and if you don’t like them, don’t follow them 🙂

Rene Joile xx


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