He loves me, He loves me not.

Falling in love

Boyfriends. AUGH!! Really, to be honest with you, you CAN NOT have a boyfriend and live this lifestyle. It is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it mess with your head, it always ends up costing you money…

Ladies, if it’s the picket fence you want, go and plant some daisies. Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds, kidding yourself that you can get up each day, and reapply your makeup for 2,3,4 or 5 lovers, then be lucky enough to find that special one. Nope! It won’t happen

You will either end up meeting a guy who is completely unknowing of what you are doing for a living, therefore you will spend hours and hours, day and nights making up stories and lies to pretend you have a life completely different to what you have, or you will meet a super-hot client that blows your socks off, then starts to have issues with what you are doing for work, because he knows.. He was there. He remembers that day you walked into the room, and dropped to your knees and pulled you best slut face out and sucked his cock, and absolutely loved blowing his head off…

There will come a night when you have an overnight, or jump on a plane for travel, or go out for dinner, and he will be sitting at home, or out with the guys, and one of his mates, says, ‘Hey James, where is your girl tonight?’ and then he has to come up with a big almighty lie, but his mind goes first to what you really are doing.. AND that memory comes back of you on your knees with cum dripping down your chin, dripping down your chest, and he remembers how you rubbed it in to your boobs as you looked him right in the eyes.. smiling.

Yep. The demon in his head starts to emerge. The questions will come. The guilt trips will begin, and automatically as it is in our female makeup, we step into protection mode and want to make him feel better, so our work schedule changes, and you start cancelling clients, then your phone goes off and you emails are getting checked less regularly, and before you know it you are scratching around wondering how to make ends meet and get your bills paid…

Ladies, I don’t care what people will tell you, sure everybody may or may not relate to this, but this is one of the major sacrifices that you make when you make ‘a deal with the devil’ so to speak and sell your body for money… you sacrifice an open and honest relationship.

There are very few men that are ok with their lady going to bed each day, or night with another man, or with multiple men. Unless you have a very clear understanding of an open relationship, and you are prepared for him to sleep with others too, then it is pretty difficult for any relationship to survive. I know of only a few, and those that survive are very sexually open, and liberal about having other lovers in their life.

I don’t know about you, but I am not open to sharing someone with another, even though my job shares intimacy, the same as yours. Not many guys get it, for the right reasons. I am happy if you do, and almost envious, but then again, I really like my life as it is, and even though I have been guilty of the ‘picket fence daydream’ occasionally, I snap right out of it again pretty quickly!

Back to work!

Rene Joile xo

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