From Him

You emerge from the bright light of the outer room, having changed into
your suitably slutty attire, having applied just too much makeup to be
tasteful, yet you ooze desire… and enter the dark room lit only by
candles. There is music playing… Massive attack – Angel – evocative.

As your eyes adjust, you can make out my silhouette… You hear my quietly
spoken instruction to stand in the centre of the room, your hands above
your head. Yes little one. I approach, you feel the warmth of my breath
against your skin as I walk around and around, inspecting your
beauty… touching only lightly with the tip of my riding crop.

“Part your legs my dear” and of course you immediately shuffle your feet apart!

You feel the shaft of my… riding crop moving up and down your inner
thighs and finally parting your labia, gradually adding greater pressure
upwards until the pressure becomes … Uncomfortable… but is it

My tongue flicks up your neck, my breath is hot, I nibble
upon your earlobe… “you are a good girl… my little pretty slut” I
whisper in your ear…

Suddenly I step back… then silence…
and just as suddenly you feel on sharp bite of the crop across your
buttocks. You flinch!

“MOVE… toward the wall missy” … “bend
and place your hands on the wall”… “lower little one”… “thrust that
pretty lil ass out…. NOW”.

You expect to feel the bite of my crop… as you have heard me beating it impatiently against the fabric of my cassock… “is he a Priest” you think? Ah yes… my gown… you cannot make out detail in the dark… but it is black and long… mysterious.

But no thwack of the crop… instead you feel my hand
gently passing between your cheeks, over your sphincter (making it
twitch) and parting your lips (already moist and engorged), pressing
fingers deep inside.

Ah… the pleasure the warmth I feel, the
gentle arching of your back as I probe, one hand warm and moist inside
you the other pawing at your buttocks.

I search for that spot… that hard little mound of pleasure… one finger searching while another tantalizes your clitoris … ah so gentle… yet so firm… and a thumb
pressing its advantage… pushing to enter your ass.

I hear gentle moans… and smell the scent of excitement… thwack, thwack,
thwack, three quick and hard spanks… and that hand is warm also!

Your moisture runs down your legs… Time and time again you ask “Daddy can I come”?

A rest… a cuddle then…

Feet in the air… lying on a bed… all I see is a juicy little pussy,
swollen labia and a pretty little rosebud of an asshole betweeen two

All tight due to the ropes that confine you…

Fingers here, fingers there, a spank on a cheek and much lubrication…
stretching all your holes… soft and gentle touches intermingled with
savage trusts.

I walk around to your head… hanging languorously
over the edge of the bed… I insert my cock in your mouth as your eyes
widen… “thank you Master” is your only utterance… other than your
wonderful gagging sounds.

My hardening and growing cock is filling your mouth an throat… thrusting…

I return to your pussy and ass… 4 fingers up to the knuckles in each
hole… slamming… then my cock on each hole my passion is
overflowing…. I can hear you gasping, squealing… my hips slam
against your butt cheeks… as hard and as fast as is possible…

Your body is filled with cum… it dribbles out…

I lie you gently on your side… quivering… and enclose you in my
arms… stroking your hair… wonderful little girl… who is so good to


I am a Dominant man… but a considerate Dominant man…
I like to take control in a quiet and subtle way… not at all brutal or cruel… but very deviant!

Received by a Master seeking a sub relationship

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