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There is so much panic going on over the closing of Backpage. Websites are dropping off by the hour, ladies sites are coming down, hosting companies are changing policies, social media is going mad and new directories are popping up with exorbitant prices.

It is not just the ladies that are affected, it is the gents that have relied on searching Backpage for escorts in their areas . Many gents must be worried too because in many counties, the main website that was found in google, was Backpage..

STOP. BREATHE. Take a step back!!

Yes, Backpage closing is a BIG DEAL but it is NOT the end of the earth… It is a set back! Before Backpage, we all ate and survived, so take a few deep breaths and relax a little all is not lost!!!

Here is a short list of ESCORT DIRECTORIES that offer gents FREE ACCESS and escorts FREE and inexpensive advertising options that include global advertising platforms and free websites. I am not 100% sure on whether all these sites are or are not hosted in the US or will be affected by laws, but my theory is .. if its FREE advertising, then it can’t be bad. Just spread your wings around and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Ladies, has your website just been shut down? Get a FREE WEBSITE here: – what a beautiful website platform! I took a the long option and put together a stunning website, completely FREE with a personal domain name. This is a GREAT site for Ladies on relying on them for a website and having to pay for it… well, you can get it here for FREE! A SUPER alternative to and as far as I can see, it is based in Europe, therefore safe…. (happy for someone to check ping the site and comment)

FREE ESCORT DIRECTORIES: Tip: use google, and add yourself to any FREE site that comes up in the results. I have been doing this for YEARS and I have enough traffic coming through my websites to be able to not panic through tough times (hear the keyword ‘WEBSITE”) 

Many of the FREE ESCORT DIRECTORIES offer ‘touring escort’ options too!

Any of the NNsites (just to name a few)

If you do have your own website, find other ladies that advertise in your areas and exchange banners. It is great for SEO….. Speaking of SEO. I am no expert but I do get a lot on inquiries from google, and that is where most of the big sites get their traffic from, so why wouldn’t you want to be amid them, because not every gent likes to browse directories in fear of stumbling into a fake agency or a pimped ad… (thus why Backpage has lost it’s lifeline)

This was a really brief post just to help a few of you that are feeling a little lost, and to offer the Gents other sites to browse that do have many beautiful ladies and offer easy search functions to be able to search for escorts that are in your area!

My advice is: DON’T jump into paying for escort site advertising just because you are in a state of panic… There is NO GUARANTEE that any site you advertise on right now will send you the same traffic you have just lost. Use as many of the FREE ESCORT DIRECTORIES and target your areas on the sites you choose, and you will be fine!
There is so much panic, and yes, I get it, it is madness, but remember, we all survived before Backpage, and we will again! There are so many options, and lost of free escort directories so there is no need to break the bank and throw money at directories that you really can’t afford.

WATCH OUT for the NEW ESCORT DIRECTORIES  that will emerge from this action. Many of the new options may look fancy and offer you the world…. but before you commit to spending your dollars, check and see if the website can actually back up what it offers… and don’t be fooled by a spray of pretty faces either as you will see the same pretty faces all over the same FREE ESCORT DIRECTORIES that I have suggested, to begin with!

I welcome comments on this post, and links to other sites and directories.
I am also happy to exchange links. Please contact me at for details of my websites.

Good Luck,
Rene Joile xox |

ps: I am not affiliated with any of the sites I have suggested, and I can not guarantee that they will or will not survive FOSTA/SESTA. I am just sharing what I do to stay afloat and wish you all the best!

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