Who are you and what is this site about?

See About Rene

Can I see your pictures?

I am not  picture exchange.. but if you are looking for pictures to consider and affair, why not visit my professional website at www.ReneJoile.com For International inquiries considering Interational engagements, I will verify via video call on WhatsApp that I am as fresh and elegant as I portray.

What services do you offer?

I don’t offer a menu of services. Where once the GFE or PSE was the thing that people searched for, I have stepped out of the box. I prefer longer arrangements with a twist. I am not ‘vanilla’ and feel right at home with a partner who is seeking an exceptional encounter, with the view of a long-term arrangement on a regular basis.

Do you see couples?

Yes, I welcome couples to join me and explore an exceptional encounter with an experienced, and attractive lady.

Do you see females without a male partner?

Oh yes I do! I am very comfortable in female company, and it would be more than a pleasure to travel with you if you are a female, or to join you for an evening or a weekend away.

Do you cater to role play or fetishes?

I am all about making it fun. I am more than happy to go into detail via a private conversation..

Like I said, I find ‘vanilla’ very boring 😉

In a D/s relationship, are you a Domme or Sub?

I am an experienced switch.

If it is a set of fluffy cuffs, a blindfold, and a feather with a slap on the butt you are seeking, then don’t confuse it with a D/s relationship..

A D/s relationships is not for everybody, and is most certainly not for experimenters. There are many rules and boundaries that must be discussed and understood between us both should you be seeking s D/s relationship. Please contact me to discuss in detail. A D/s relationship is a lifestyle choice.

Under no circumstance will I allow you to leave marks on my body.

I am in Melbourne. Can I come to you?

I don’t cater to ‘incall’ services, nor do I see gents on a short time basis unless there is a ‘regular arrangement’ in place. In Melbourne, as with most cities, can I suggest you book a hotel.

But I just want to book you for the hour….

I’m sorry, I am not interested in swinging around a hotel room for an hour. Please don’t take offence, but there are many ladies in whatever city you are in that  are really beautiful and would love an hour with you, but I prefer to take time to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. From my experience, the connection, is much deeper and far more rewarding on both a physical and mental level.

What do you consider a ‘regular arrangement’?

A regular arrangement can be weekly, fortnightly or a semi permanent and regular arrangement either in Australia or Internationally. Such arrangements don’t incur a fee each time we meet, but a payment agreement that usually is in an upfront agreed upon sum.

Please keep in mind that I am very particular with the ‘type’ of arrangement I welcome, and I suggest a dinner evening to discuss prior to get acquainted.

Do you travel anywhere?

I am an avid traveller and frequently in and out of airports. I have no issues travelling with you, or to see you anywhere in the world. I can usually be by your side in 1-7 days depending on where you are, visa requirements and my availability of course. I am reluctant to travel independently into the USA or the Middle East dur to strict laws, but will consider a generous and legitimate invitation.

Who books your flights?

I usually manage my own flights, although I have an amazing Australian Travel Agent, who is very lady/client friendly and completely safe and discreet.

His details are:

David Jackson;+61 (0)412 929 402

I respect that many businessmen have an excess of frequent flyer points and perks that allows them to be able to arrange flights directly for Ladies, but please respect my privacy as I do yours, and at least for our first international affair, I prefer to travel with the assistance of my travel agent until we are acquainted and trust is earned between us.. I won’t offer you copies of my passport or identification to forward to another agent, so please don’t ask.

Why are your fees higher compared to other ladies?

I don’t work on ‘high turnover’ nor do I believe my fees are high.

I am a lifestyle companion. I enjoy my time being shared with a select few ‘high rollers’ that appreciate and understand establishing an ongoing relationship with a Lady is far more rewarding than a once off. Please note: I do not negotiate. If you can’t afford my basic fees, then I’m sorry, please go elsewhere.

Do you ask for deposits?

Of course I do and I would expect that to not be an issue. As with all professional services and business transactions, a deposit guarantees our time together. I will not secure your time, or travel without it.

Cash? Cheque? Credit cards?

Everybody loves cash, but if a deposit is required, a direct bank transfer will be sought. I understand your need for discretion re-transfers, so if a direct transfer can raise questions, can I suggest a withdraw from your account and a direct deposit into my allocated account.. Easy! I do accept credit cards, but not over the internet and not for international engagements.

What are your terms and conditions?

Basically, its all about respect and common sense. If you have neither, then I am not interested in seeing you. Deposits must be received no later than 48 hours for Australian travel and 5 days for International travel. If our arrangements fall within those time-frames, don’t worry I have Plan B and Plan C ready to go 😉

Do you ask for references?

There are many cities and countries that can pose as a danger for me should I travel to see you. If you are in one of those countries, I will require a reference. In some instances a quick call with another Lady whom you have ’employed’ in the past, or a work reference. I do require actual details of who you are, as with details of where I will be travelling to.

How can I guarantee that you (Rene) will turn up and not ‘rip me off’?

I have been in the industry for years!! Find me one bad review that states just that.. and believe me if I did that once there would be something posted publicly somewhere, and besides that, unless you were planning on depositing millions of dollars into my account, be assured that whatever deposit I am asking for won’t even touch the sides of retirement… If my word isn’t good enough, then.. ‘cest la vie‘.

I have many more questions.


I do answer all my own emails and messages as quickly as possible.

Thank you xo