Face or No Face..

Discreet lady in Singapore

The question asked by so many professional ladies, especially the newbies coming into the industry. Shall I show my face or not? Will it make a difference?

There are pros and cons to showing your face, and doing so or not attracts a different calibre of clientele. Not that one calibre is better or worse than the other, there is just the group of men that don’t mind knowing other people may recognise you (in fact, they probably don’t even think about it), and then there are the other that really love the surprise of meeting you for the first time!

When I first started in the industry, some 20 odd years ago, I had no problem showing my face… for a short time anyway, then I quickly removed it from my advertising as I started to feel silly things like ‘everybody recognises me’ and crap like that.

For years and years I went to special effort to maintain my discretion, not only because I had a small child, but because I kept what I did private and I had a straight professional life. I didn’t want my moonlighting to have an impact on my straight professional life.

Then I went through another faze, where I didn’t really care, as I felt I was proud enough of myself to not care what people thought of what I did, because I was in control of my life not them, then I bounced back to the need to hide my face as my kids got older and internet access became a thing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my son was surfing the net looking for hot chicks with big tits, and WHOA! Here come his mother, as large as life on screen, scantily dressed with ‘available now’ plastered all over the place!

It really is catch 22.

In all honesty though, showing or not showing my face has had zero impact on my life as an international escort. It has not made my richer or poorer, or happier or sadder.

What it does do, however, is make me feel a little more cautious of when I travel through customs here and there in fear of being pulled aside, not because I am doing anything wrong, but to be queried in case customs assume I may be working illegally in their country. It also makes me a little nervous when I check into hotels that don’t know me, in case somebody has seen my face and I wonder if they put me on alert as I check in.. Who knows?

Things that you really need to consider though if you do decide to show your face in your advertising, is things like facial recognition. Facebook for example.. How often have you posted a picture on facebook, and up pops a little window tagging people that facebook think they are. Yep! That’s right. Imagine posting a super hot pic from your last shoot, with you and your doubles partner sucking on a popsicle while one of you is grinding the others leg, and your aunty that you rarely see from the other side of the country posts a picture and it tags your working name, or you post pics on a new ad site and they check your pics through tinyeye or google and the facial recognition brings up your real life facebook profile…. Ok it’s not so bad if an ad site does it, but it seriously sucks if it is a client that does it.

Technology is really bringing big brother closer to home. So, again the question is, to show your face or to not show your face…?? Up to you really, but think about it. Once it’s there, you can’t hide from it. That’s the reality of it, and you have got to live with that for a lifetime to come.

Oh by the way, in case you missed it, my income didn’t change when I showed my face, and if I had of known that it wouldn’t have made a difference, then I would never have shown it.

Rene Joile xo


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