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Advertising… it is a total pain in the pocket. Trying to wade your way through free and paid directories trying to work out what is worth it and what isn’t is like trying to cash in a lottery ticket that you lost on…

How do you pick a good directory to spend your money on?

Do you look for the glossiest of pictures? Do you follow the social media sheep? Do you look at cost? Do you ask around? Do you choose free ads? Do you go with who has been around the longest? How many directories do you need? How much do you need to spend? Why am I getting wrinkles thinking about this?

How many of you ladies and guys have these very questions and simply no answers, so do you go with the sheep and follow them to where they all seem to be? Yes? No..

Use google first. There are a number of highly ranked directories that generate a decent amount of traffic on the web, there are also many highly ranked directories that throw off a lot of glow and suit a 10th of their advertisers while the rest just pay the bills.

In Australia, lets me go through the top most popular.. Scarlet Blue, Private Girls, Escorts and Babes. of course Cracker, Naughty Ads, Punter Planet, Penthouse to name a few..

Scarlet Blue, started off a few years ago with an industry girl, Karly. It went on to get a major cash injection, became a real company and has pretty much taken over the advertising for most of Australia’s touring ladies. It is a favorite hiding ground for pimps and PA’s posing as mentors for photo-shopped ladies switching names and numbers as often as their panties.

A majority of the ‘ladies’ are SMS only, so the real workers can play precious and pay commissions to their pimp, pretending to be them… It is expensive, and there are way too many ads to be found unless you are paying premium prices, but even then that no longer matters because there are too many ads full stop.

Scarlet Blue has almost become a cult for escorts, especially ones without websites.. again, back to their PA’s running a secret ship. Yes, they tweet like crazy, its all automated so they really don’t have to do much work. They collect info from site visitors from everywhere and I doubt the security of personal information as so much is being sent through their cloud in the sky…

They are massive, now clients are paying too and the only way you can really be found is by staying ONLINE all the friggen time and answering emails and messages via discreet messaging, or writing blog after blog adding valuable content to a site you are paying to be on..

Private Girls, one of the original Australian directories, run by Serena. She has been in the industry for over 30 years and knows her shit… but the website is a mess of pictures that rotate around so a visitor can never return and find the same lady again.

Private Girls used to be awesome. The traffic was unbelievable and their rankings were high… but strangely got hacked into and their years of hard work went down the fizzler and they pretty much had to rebuild their entire site and start from scratch.. There are a few vicious rumours as of to ‘how that happened’… such vicious acts often require a little IT power and a ton on money. Hmm… the mind boggles.

Anyway, I like it but I don’t love it as for my preference it is too messy and too hard to find pretty faces and of course then there is the favoritism for the top spots… Yes, money talks, and bullshit squalks.

Escort and Babes. I like it it. It is easy to use. Pretty main stream and doesn’t seem to be full of glossy competition, but it’s getting there. The price is climbing up as they add more features, and they are creating an urgency to stay logged in to be seen.. that is not a favorite feature for me, because I seriously have better things to do rather than need to ‘stay online’. I have a mobile for that.. I don’t need to walk around online as well..

Cracker.. the new Backpage… It was a great site once, but the prices are ridiculous now, it is hardly worth as an independent to advertise on there. The good thing is though that everybody gets a chance to bee seen, but only for a few seconds..

Naughty Ads, great rankings, cheap, plenty of traffic but I really don’t l know where there traffic comes from because there really isn’t a great deal of inquiries that come off there.

Punter Planet. Busy busy site created by a punter, Andy, a clever one. He created a world of Australian reviewers, which is great if you like to be reviewed. Great for agencies too, as a lot of the so called premium sites like to keep out agencies (but let in pimps – go figure) Can’t knock PP, although I am not a fan, but I know many ladies that are, and do quite well once their reviews are increasing… but dam if you do anything out of the box, they will crucify you for it.

They crucified me for hosting a role play as an airline hostess, ‘Trolley Dollys’… Big fuckin’deal! The gents LOVED it. It was the best role play I have ever done (as a duo too) and the idiot on there crucified me saying it was a scam… Geeze!! I wasn’t selling airline tickets, I am a escort providing a fantasy for goodness sake. Oh, and the guy that runs the site doesn’t like to take reviews down, so if idiots want to post crap about you, it stays for other idiots to comment on.

Penthouse… The biggest rip off of all!! When I did a Penthouse shoot back in the day, they paid me, and I got to tell the world I was a Penthouse Pet for a whole year. Now, they charge ladies thousands of dollars to be a Penthouse Pet (hear my eyes roll)

Penthouse was originally started by a guy names Damian, JoyFinder, I think it was called. It was a nice site, had potential, until they started chasing the bucks, anyway good for him, he got out (so I think) and Penthouse moves into the business.. They must be killing it now with all the escorts emptying their pockets to feature.

I could go on and on.

There are many that started and folded, and there will be many more. My advice is when looking which way to go is to look at the calibre of ads first, and the average prices. Try and follow some so you can eventually see what is real and what is robot, or most importantly if you are amid the pimping circle where you will get crushed alive.

If you are considering a NEW directory, don’t take their twitter profile as a sign. You can’t judge by followers either, as you can buy as many or as little as you like for a few dollars… I would buy some just to prove it, but I don’t get wet over having fake followers.

Look at their rankings on google, and track their traffic. Don’t be shy to ask to see stats, as we all have them. Google gives you everything if you are a website owner.

New directories, look at the ladies on there.. I guarantee the first dozen or so will be friends of the site owner, and probably the most exciting ads, and they don’t pay, they are there to draw you ‘the low class payer’ to line their pockets with cash.. Look at the reputation of the site owner. Are they active? Do they tweetdelete all the time, constantly change their name, their mind, their ideas, snap at followers blah blah blah… Be warned! If they aren’t running a stable site, a flashy domain name won’t make you busy or make you money.

Some directories ask for ID, send your drivers licence but scrub the off the number and mark the picture ‘for ID purpose only’. I am not always comfortable to offer my passport for anything other than customs and banks..

Pick 1 or 2 to start and ask your inquiries where they are finding you. There is no sense in spending $2000 a month of 6 directories and not know which 1 is working for you. You can do this discreetly by setting up different email addresses, so you know where the mails are coming from, but do ask your inquiries.

The BEST advertising you will ever have is YOUR OWN WEBSITE!!

If you are a little savvy you can build one on Wix or WordPress. You can build one for FREE on GoogleSites too. Its makes ZERO sense to build a brand, spend money on your advertising then sending your traffic back to the directory where 200 other ladies are there waiting to meet that same guy… Domain names start from $10 so get one!

It can take a little time, but it’s worth it in the end, and will make you more money than it will save you.

I don’t advertise very often. I have built my own brand and am successful within my areas. I focus on the area where I choose to work, mostly Asia, therefore my ads will feature when I am touring to let gents know I am there or coming.  My site has a newsletter, which I post to my subscribers occasionally. I have social media, about a handful of sites, and all roads lead to Rene.

Best advice really is create a brand, own it and PLEASE build your own website otherwise you will always be dependent on a directory and will always be paying for advertising, or you can never be found. Don’t play with your rates, and keep you photos fresh and updated, and be honest.

You love what you do, so make it about you, and enjoy the lifestyle, rather than have the lifestyle control you.

Rene Joile |

ps: Private Ladies.. Oh yes, that was directory I started some years back, and it was crushed by a hacker around the same time of Private Girls. It was an awesome free directory that had over 200 escorts worldwide but unfortunately it was too much work for me to put back together.. so now the domain points to Cam Girls at 

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