While He Watches..

Watching wife being seduced by a woman

Closing my eyes, I can still feel the softness in your kiss. The warmth of your breath as your lips linger close to mine. With a deep breath, I can smell you to the point of tasting you. My fingertips are tingling as they remember the naked shape of your body, and your silky soft skin beneath them.

I can remember the way your body reacted to my touch, to the gentle way I ran my fingers up and down your inner thigh as your legs parted, aching to be touched. I remember hearing you pant as I tied sash across your eyes so you couldn’t see, lifting your sense of smell and touch sensation.

From behind you, I slip down the shoulders of your loose dress, revealing your beautiful pink firm nipples. I felt them ripen as my fingers danced around them in circles, teasing them, as my breath stayed close to your neck and ear.

I salivate and twist ever so slightly in my seat as the memory heats my body. I can feel a gush of warmth flood my panties as my lips swell with the desire to make myself come. I recall every breath, every touch, every taste of your sweetness.

Just one more time I would like to crawl up behind your soft feminine beauty and peel away those fabric layers to reveal the silk of your warm soft skin.

I can see your head slightly rolling to the side as my lips get closer to the back of your ear. My breath becomes heavier as my hand slides its way around your neck, to your throat.

I hold you there as your body arches. Your head goes back as my grip tightens and your legs part. I slide my right hand down your body to raise the skirt of your dress. My hand goes under.

Your panties feel moist from the outside as I softly stroke your swelling lips and clitoris through them. You part your legs more.

I feel a soft brush of hair, golden like your locks through your panties. Your lips are swollen and wet with juices. My fingers slip inside your panties, into the warm moistness. As my grip around your neck tightens and your head goes back and you let out a subtle soft groan.

Your husband is watching. His manhood is hard, in his hand. He is slowly stroking himself as he watches his wife succumb to the touch of a woman. A woman touching his woman, stroking her, hearing her moan through parted lips.

My eyes meet his as my mouth opens on your neck. I slowly and gently bite into your flesh as my finger slides in between your swollen lips. He holds his gaze, listening to the silent words.

He comes closer, and touches your legs gently, just enough for you to know he is there. Slowly he removes your panties.

A little moan leaves your throats as you feel his breath come closer to your pussy as my fingers slowly enter you.

His mouth is warm against your lips. I part them ever so gently as he sdes his tongue into you, slowly and gently fucking you with his tongue.

My grip on you releases as he comes up to kiss you with the taste of your pleasure on his lips.

You slowly lie back and I pull your legs up high so I can take my lips to between your legs to finish off what I started.

Your husband comes to your side with his cock so hard and throbbing, your hand reaches for it as your other hand holds my head between your legs. Your hips are moving, slowly grinding my face, my fingers are diving in and out with my tongue teasing your clit.

His cock in your hand starts to drip and you pull him up to your mouth. As his cock in your mouth get hotter and hotter, your pussy gets wetter and wetter, responding to my tongue.

There is no holding back as you feel your husband cum into your mouth, with such a force you squirt on my face, grinding your pussy into my face as you explode for the first time, then the second time as your husband pulls away and starts kissing you with a mouthful of his cum..

Written by Rene Joile


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