Welcome To My World

“To have the ability to connect with every person you meet is a gift. Pleasing every one is a chore.” Rene Joile


I invite you into my most sacred world of sexual intimacy, fetishism, into my private thoughts, and my private life as a true International Escort, Companion, Lover, Friend and Mum.

The sex industry has gone beyond the sweaty hour in a dark hotel room. It is a lifestyle, a journey, a luxury, an experience, an encounter that many men and women have shared for centuries.

Companionship, intimacy, friendship, connections beyond the norm. Crossing boundaries, opening doors, allowing room for personal exploration without judgement for those seeking to explore.

We as professionals offer our clients a safe relationship without judging who they are. Our clients come to us with trust, seeking a discreet encounter that lifts them to a level of passion and pleasure, yet respects their needs not only intimately but on a genuine interactive level.

As a courtesan and companion, I love and respect time shared. I understands personal boundaries and I enjoy crossing them with those I meet, creating pleasurable memories and new experiences.

I can sleep at night, knowing my clients can walk away with confidence, because their private life remains their own, and there is no need to stress over ‘a middle of the night call’ or a ‘message at work’..

“My job is to walk away like I never existed, yet to be there without question.”

For the fetishists there is a safety net of an experienced partner. There is no shame or embarrassment for wanting to explore, or indulge. We as professionals offer a safe place for those that seek pleasures, further and beyond the bedroom.

My part in this world is to help people, which is what I do. People come to me (Rene) for a multitude of reasons, and they come back, not because I give a great BJ, I do but… because I connect with people and make them feel good. I help people through times they need help through, whether that it physically, emotionally or mentally. I have that gift.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my writings, blogs as some call it, as I also explore my world of fetish and fantasy, and write about it. Some of my stories will be real, some will be written around a real thought,  a wish or an urge, and an interesting thought to say the least as I cross my own boundaries and share my inner most thoughts on sexuality, fetish, lesbianism, swinging, fantasy and more…

For the ladies and guys in the industry, I hope you will find some good advice and helpful tips. I am a great mentor, and I don’t charge a commission or set fee, and I am not afraid to say it as I see it.

There are many newcomers into the industry too, and those considering for a multitude of reasons, usually surrounding money. The ones that succeed are the ones that can see beyond the dollars and can provide an experience so natural, with real passion, connecting physically and mentally.

I have nothing to hide, so please enjoy my world. Interact with me. Ask me questions. Form your own thoughts, but don’t judge me for its you that is here, and I have welcomed you into my world.

Invite me into your world.

Rene Joile xox