50 Shades of Rene

  • Fantasy or fetish, 50 shades of a sexy lady
    50 shades of grey with Rene Joile

After a recent ‘discovery’ of my secret life as a High Class Courtesan and Fetish Mistress, I have decided to break out of my code of silence, and invite you into my most sacred world of sexual intimacy, fetishism, and the life style of a true International Escort and Courtesan.

Over time I will share with you experiences about my international travels, my memories – good and bad. My erotic thoughts relating to my world of fetish, and what makes me tick. Explore the fantasy lifestyle that keeps me alive, a lifestyle of sex and taboo that many are curious about, but may never really understand.

Bisexuality. Exhibitionism. Closeted fantasy. Lesbianism. Domination. Submission. Few of the many masks, thus ’50 Shades of Rene’.

Read about my experiences, learn how I control men and women, sexually, mentally and physically. Understand if you are brave enough, my mental state throughout ‘relationships’ with my mentors, slaves and sissy’s. Taste the divine power of being worshipped and adored. Explore the trust factor. Cross boundaries with me, and step out of the box.

With pleasure, I’ll go into detail Chastity training, submissives, eroticism, tantra, karmasutra, professional companionship, intimate relationships with both men and women, in and out of the sex industry. Do they work? Does it work? Will it work? Will it change?

For anybody in this industry, it can be daunting. Its not just about telling stories, it’s all about me, and my deepest secrets being revealed. Freely talking about your sexual fantasy or fetishes, or behaviours and revealing the taboos that make you who you are is frightening.

Who matters most in your own life, only you. Yes family and close friends matter, but those that really know me love me and I have nothing to hide, so please enjoy my world. Interact with me. Ask me questions. Form your own thoughts, but don’t judge me for its you here, and I welcome you into my world.

Invite me into your world.

Rene xox